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Accessories/AdaptersDevelopment Software
EmulatorEvaluation Boards and Kits
Logic AnalyzerMicrocontrollers
Programmer - EngineeringProgrammer - Engineering/Gang
Programmer - GangProgrammer - Handler
Real Time Operating System

Tool NameVendor


Programmer and Emulator ConvertersTribal Microsystems

Development Software

2500AD C Compiler2500 A.D. Software
2500AD Macro Cross Assembler2500 A.D. Software
2500AD Simulator/Debugger2500 A.D. Software
ApBUILDER (MCS supported)Intel Corp.
Archimedes C-8051 Compiler KitArchimedes Software, Inc.
Archimedes SimCASE-51/251 DebuggerArchimedes Software, Inc.
AVA51 Macro Assembler/Linker/LibrarianAvocet Systems Inc.
AVC51 ANSI C CompilerAvocet Systems Inc.
AVCASE51 Complete Development PackageAvocet Systems Inc.
AVS51 High-Level SimulatorAvocet Systems Inc.
ChipView-51 ROM Monitor DebuggerChipTools Inc.
ChipView-51 Simulator DebuggerChipTools Inc.
COMPASS/251Production Languages Corporation
COMPASS/51Production Languages Corporation
Cross-32 Meta-AssmblerUniversal Cross-Assemblers
CS8051 C-SPY Simulator/DebuggerIAR Systems
DK251 Developer's KitKeil Elektronik GmbH
DK251 Developer's KitKeil Software, Inc.
Embedded Development Environment, EDETasking
EW8051 Embedded Workbench V5.12IAR Systems
fuzzyTECH*MCU-51 EditionInform Software Corporation
fuzzyTECH*MCU-51 EditionInform Software Corporation (Europe)
ICC8051 Compiler KitIAR Systems
MICRO/C-51*Micro Computer Control Corp.
PK51 Professional Developer's KitKeil Elektronik GmbH
PK51 Professional Developer's KitKeil Software, Inc.
SystemSoft KeyPro*/51SLSystemsoft Corp.
TASKING ASM 251 AssemblerTasking
TASKING ASM 51 AssemblerTasking
TASKING C51 CompilerTasking
TASKING CrossView 251 ROM Monitor DebuggerTasking
TASKING CrossView 251 SimulatorTasking
TASKING CrossView 51 ROM Monitor DebuggerTasking
TASKING CrossView 51 SimulatorTasking
TASKING PL/M-51 CompilerTasking
TASKING Power C251 CompilerTasking


8051 Family In-Circuit EmulatorHiTech Equipment Corporation
AX251Hitex GmbH
AX51Hitex GmbH
CEIBO DS-251 In-Circuit EmulatorCEIBO USA
CEIBO EB-251-Emulation BoardCEIBO USA
ChipView-51 Nohau EMUL51 Emulator DebuggerChipTools Inc.
DryICEHiTech Equipment Corporation
DS-51 Microprocessor Development SystemCEIBO USA
E8, E16Dr. Krohn & Stiller
EasyPack-8052Microtek International
EMUL 251*-PCNohau Corporation
EMUL 51*-PCNohau Corporation
ET-iC8plus Real-Time In-Circuit EmulatorEmulation Technology, Inc.
HMI-200-8051-AHuntsville Microsystems
iceMASTER-AAMetaLink Corporation Inc.
iceMASTER-PEMetaLink Corporation Inc.
iceMASTER-SCMetaLink Corporation Inc.
IDS/LCCactus Logic
Intel Emulator Adapters, Test Clips & AccessoriesEmulation Technology, Inc.
MX51Hitex GmbH
NICE-52 In-Circuit EmulatorTribal Microsystems
Trace32Lauterbach Datentechnik GmbH
TX51/251Hitex GmbH
Ultra-8051 In-Circuit EmulatorAshling Microsystems Ltd
UniLab 8620Orion Instruments
USP-51 In-Circuit EmulatorSignum Systems
V'NICE-52 In-Circuit EmulatorHi-Lo Systems Research

Evaluation Boards and Kits

8031SBCHiTech Equipment Corporation
8xC251xx, 8xC151xx, 8xC51Fx Evaluation BoardIntel Corp.
MCS(R) 151 & 251 Evaluation KitIntel Corp.

Logic Analyzer

HP 16500 Modular Logic Analysis System (MCS supported)Hewlett-Packard Company
HP16505 Prototype AnalyzerHewlett-Packard Company
HP1660/HP1670 Logic AnalyzersHewlett-Packard Company
HP54620A/C Logic AnalyzerHewlett-Packard Company
HP54645D Mixed Signal OscilloscopeHewlett-Packard Company
Preprocessor Interface For Hewlett-Packard Logic AnalyzersHewlett-Packard Company


MCS(R)151 MicrocontrollerIntel Corp.
MCS(R)251 MicrocontrollerIntel Corp.
MCS(R)51 MicrocontrollerIntel Corp.

Programmer - Engineering

2700 Programming SystemData I/O Corp.
2900 Programming SystemData I/O Corp.
3900 Programming SystemData I/O Corp.
ALL-07 Universal Programmer and TesterHi-Lo Systems Research
BP-1200 Universal Device ProgrammerBP Microsystems, Inc.
ChipLab Project ProgrammersData I/O Corp.
Eclipse (MCS supported)Stag Programmers Ltd.
EMP-10Needham's Electronics
EMP-20 (MCS supported)Needham's Electronics
EMP-30 (MCS supported)Needham's Electronics
FLEX-700 Universal Programmer and TesterTribal Microsystems
PILOT-MVP: Universal ProgrammerAdvin Systems Inc.
PILOT-U40 (MCS supported)Advin Systems Inc.
QuasarStag Programmers Ltd.
SPRINT OPTIMA (MCS supported)SMS Microcomputer Systeme GmbH
SPRINT PLUS48 (MCS supported)SMS Microcomputer Systeme GmbH
System General APROSystem General Corp. (US)
System General Multi-APROSystem General Corp. (US)

Programmer - Engineering/Gang

System General Turpro-1/FXSystem General Corp. (US)

Programmer - Gang

BP-2100 Concurrent Programming SystemBP Microsystems, Inc.
PILOT-832D: Gang/Set ProgrammerAdvin Systems Inc.
SolarStag Programmers Ltd.
SPRINT MULTISYTE (MCS supported)SMS Microcomputer Systeme GmbH
Turpro-840 (MCS supported)System General Corp. (US)

Programmer - Handler

BP-4100 Automated Programming SystemBP Microsystems, Inc.
PP-Parallel-Programming-HandlerSMS Microcomputer Systeme GmbH

Real Time Operating System

CMX-PCProto-RTX*CMX Company
CMX-TINY+* RTOS KernelCMX Company
CMXBug* DebuggerCMX Company
CMXTracker*CMX Company
ICDM-x51 In-Circuit Debugger/MonitorSignum Systems
RTXC (MCS supported)
Super Task!-Real -Time Embedded Operating SystemU.S. Software
USNETU.S. Software

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