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Accessory BoardAda Compiler
Board TestersCompiler (FORTRAN)
Compiler (Pascal)Consulting Services
C/C++ CompilerEmulator
Evaluation Boards and KitsHardware Accessories
Logic AnalyzerMilitary Multichip Modules
Military ProcessorsMilitary Software Development
PCI (Peripheral Component Interface)Printers
ProcessorsReal Time Operating System
Single Board ComputerSoftware Debug Tool
Software Development ToolSquall Modules
Support ComponentsX Window System

Tool NameVendor

Accessory Board

MX600 Modular i960(R) CA CPU-Based Networking Display StationJupiter Systems
SKYbolt FamilySky Computers Inc.
SKYbolt II* FamilySky Computers Inc.
SKYstation II*Sky Computers Inc.

Ada Compiler

Green Hills* Ada-960 CompilerGreen Hills Software, Inc.
i960(R) Processor Ada Compiler SystemTLD Systems
i960(R) Processor Targeted Ada Development SystemsTartan Inc.
ICC Ada for the i960(R) KB ProcessorIrvine Compiler Corporation
ICC Ada for the i960(R) MC and MM ProcessorsIrvine Compiler Corporation
ICC Ada for the i960(R) MX ProcessorIrvine Compiler Corporation

Board Testers

MT2000 i960(R) Processor Test and Repair SystemInternational Test Technologies

Compiler (FORTRAN)

Green Hills* FORTRAN-960 CompilerGreen Hills Software, Inc.

Compiler (Pascal)

Green Hills* Pascal-960 CompilerGreen Hills Software, Inc.

Consulting Services

Computer ConsultantsCOMSYS Technical Services Inc.
Consulting and Design ServicesCruz Digital
Custom Software ServicesPerformance Computing Inc
Customer Engineering ServicesMicrotec
Hardware and Software Consulting ServicesInfinity CommStor LLC.
Hardware and Software Consulting ServicesIntel Corp.
Hardware and Software Consulting ServicesVenture Technologies
i960(R) Processor TrainingSynergetic Micro Systems Inc.

C/C++ Compiler

CTOOLS Application Development ToolsIntel Corp.
CTOOLS960 Application Development ToolsIntel Corp.
GNU/960Intel Corp.
Green Hills* C-960 CompilerGreen Hills Software, Inc.
Green Hills* C++960 CompilerGreen Hills Software, Inc.
i960(R) Processor ANSI C Cross Development ToolsMicrotec
i960(R) Processor C++/ANSI C Cross Development ToolsMicrotec
Optimizing C Compiler and Instruction SchedulerArchelon Inc.


CodeICE* 960 for i960(R) Hx Processor SeriesApplied Microsystems Corporation
CodeICE* 960 for i960(R) Jx Processor SeriesApplied Microsystems Corporation
CodeICE* 960 for i960(R) RP ProcessorApplied Microsystems Corporation
EL 3200 Emulator for i960(R) CA/CF ProcessorsApplied Microsystems Corporation
EMDT/960RP Boundary-Scan (JTAG) EmulatorCorelis Inc.
Express 960 E1 Non-Intrusive In-Circuit EmulatorSTEP Engineering
Express 960 E3 Non-Intrusive In-Circuit EmulatorSTEP Engineering
Express LC In-Circuit Emulator for the i960(R) ProcessorsSTEP Engineering
Express Universal 960 Non-Intrusive In-Circuit EmulatorSTEP Engineering
NetROM* - A Communications Gateway and Debugging ToolXLNT Designs Inc.
TMax* 5000 SeriesTopmax
TMax* 5000UP Processor Upgrade KitsTopmax
TMax* 5303 i960(R) RP Processor In-Circuit EmulatorTopmax
TMax* 5401 i960(R) Hx Processor In-Circuit EmulatorTopmax

Evaluation Boards and Kits

Intel's Cyclone Evaluation PlatformIntel Corp.
IQ Software Development Kit for the i960(R) RPIntel Corp.
MIB II 960/110A RISC Development BoardMicro Industries
MIB II 960/110B RISC Development BoardMicro Industries
VIDEOFLOW* Video Compression/Decompression Evaluation KitArray Microsystems

Hardware Accessories

80- and 196-Position MICRO-PITCH Surface Mount SocketAMP
Adapt-A-Pod* Emulator AdapterEmulation Technology, Inc.
JEDEC Clips (5715, 5829, 5781, 5782, 5783)ITT Pomona Electronics
PGA to Surface Mount Foot Print, Test HeadInterconnect Systems Inc.
PLCC or PQFP to PGA AdapterInterconnect Systems Inc.
Silent Serpent SS-PGA High-Speed DecouplerConcept Manufacturing Inc.

Logic Analyzer

HP 16500B Logic Analysis SystemHewlett-Packard Company
HP 16505A Prototype AnalyzerHewlett-Packard Company
HP 1660-Series Logic AnalyzersHewlett-Packard Company
HP B3740A Software AnalyzerHewlett-Packard Company
i960(R) Microprocessor Analysis Package For The CLAS 4000Biomation
i960(R) Microprocessor Support PackagesTektronix, Inc.
LA-Offline, LA-Browser, LA-Link & 92PA Software Analysis ProTektronix, Inc.
ML 4400/TGI-960 Logic Analyzer and DisassemblerAmerican Arium
PI-960KA/KB/MC PreprocessorCorelis Inc.
PI-960KA/KB/MC PreprocessorCorelis Inc.
TLA 500, DASNT & DASXP Logic Analyzers (i960 supported)Tektronix, Inc.

Military Multichip Modules

i960 MC/MX CPU Computers Using Silicon Substrate MCMsLitton Guidance & Control Systems

Military Processors

PI960MX-JXV JIAWG Execution VehicleEngenuity Systems
VME960MX-SBC and VME960MC-SBC Single-Board ComputersEngenuity Systems

Military Software Development

C-TAC* MC/MX Software Development ToolITCN
Embedded Software Development EnvironmentIrvine Compiler Corporation


i960(R) CA Processor Bus Functional ModelRAVIcad Inc.
ModelSource 3000 Hardware Modeling SystemsSynopsys
pSOSim* Real-Time Operating System SimulatorIntegrated Systems Inc.
Simulation ModelsSynopsys
System Realizer* Emulation System for System Level VerificatQuickturn Design Systems Inc.
TimingDesigner* (i960 supported)Chronology


Bt8210 SMDS Control and Reassembly Formatter (SCARF)Brooktree Corporation
High-Performance Frame Relay* Source CodeHarris & Jeffries
Internetworking SoftwareRouterWare, Inc.
LZS221-960 Data Compression Software LibraryStac Electronics
OpEN* (STREAMS) Multi-Protocol PlatformIntegrated Systems Inc.
Soft-ATM* Source CodeHarris & Jeffries
USFiles Processor-Independent DOS File SystemU.S. Software
USNET* TCP/IP for Real-Time, Embedded ApplicationsU.S. Software
WindNet* SNMPWind River Systems, Inc.

PCI (Peripheral Component Interface)

Cloverleaf-960 Local Bus to Dual PCI Bridge ControllerV3 Semiconductor
i960(R) Microprocessor PCI I/O Software Development KitIntel Corp.
PCI-911 Series of Intelligent PCI BoardsCyclone Microsystems Inc.
PCI-913 Intelligent PCI BoardCyclone Microsystems Inc.
PCI 9060PLX Technology
PCI Bus Preprocessors for HP Logic AnalyzersFuturePlus Systems
PCI80960 Intelligent Communications ControllerCyclone Microsystems Inc.
PI-PCI32 and PI-PCI64 PreprocessorsCorelis Inc.
Quatro-960 PCI Add-In Card Evaluation PlatformV3 Semiconductor
S5933DK PCI Matchmaker Controllers Developer's KitApplied Micro Circuits Corporation
S593X PCI Matchmaker ControllersApplied Micro Circuits Corporation
SB08 System BoardCyclone Microsystems Inc.
V960xPBC Family PCI Local to PCI Bridge ControllersV3 Semiconductor


82961KD Printer CoprocessorIntel Corp.
AHA3410 StarLite* Compression CoprocessorAdvanced Hardware Architectures
Bitstream TrueDoc Imaging TechnologyBitstream Inc.
D5001 Page Printer CoprocessorDestiny Technology Corporation
D8905 Page Printer CoprocessorDestiny Technology Corporation
D9001LFDestiny Technology Corporation
Edge Enhancement ASICs with TonrSavR*Destiny Technology Corporation
iLASER V PLUS Laser Printer ControllerIntel Corp.
iLASER961KD Laser Printer Controller Design PackageIntel Corp.
LaserAct* 5E InterpreterDestiny Technology Corporation
LaserAct* (Multiple Levels of PCL-Compatible) SoftwareDestiny Technology Corporation
PageStyler* Levels I & II PostScript* InterpreterDestiny Technology Corporation
PeerlessPage* Imaging Operating SystemPeerless Systems Corporation
PeerlessPrint5E (PCL5e Emulation)Peerless Systems Corporation
PhoenixPage* Imaging ArchitectureXionics Document Technologies Inc.
PowerBand* ASICPipeline
PowerPage* Level 2 PostScript-Compatible InterpreterPipeline
PowerPage* PCL 5/5C/5e - HP PCL 5-Compatible EmulationsPipeline
QuickPrint - High Performance Integrated Printer CoprocessorPeerless Systems Corporation
TMax* PCX9603/9604 Printer Controller Chip SetTopmax
TMax* PF9600 Controller Platform SeriesTopmax
TMax* Total Printing EnvironmentTopmax


i960(R) CA 32-Bit Embedded Superscaler ProcessorIntel Corp.
i960(R) CF 32-Bit Embedded Superscalar ProcessorIntel Corp.
i960(R) Hx 32-Bit Embedded Superscalar ProcessorsIntel Corp.
i960(R) Jx Processors - The Cobra SeriesIntel Corp.
i960(R) KA 32-Bit Embedded ProcessorIntel Corp.
i960(R) KB 32-Bit Embedded Processor with Integrated FPUIntel Corp.
i960(R) Processor Superscalar C-Series CoreIntel Corp.
i960(R) RP Processor, The IQ SeriesIntel Corp.
i960(R) SA 32-Bit Embedded Processor with 16-Bit Burst Data BusIntel Corp.
i960(R) SB Processor with 16-Bit Bus & Integrated FPUIntel Corp.

Real Time Operating System

AMX* 960 Real-Time Multitasking KernelKADAK Products Ltd.
BSP Porting KitWind River Systems, Inc.
C++ Development EnvironmentIntegrated Systems Inc.
ESp* Intuitive Visual Debugging for pSOSystemIntegrated Systems Inc.
Nucleus Epilogue TCP/IP Protocol StackAccelerated Technology Inc.
Nucleus FILE Embedded FILE SystemAccelerated Technology Inc.
Nucleus NET TCP/IP Protocol StackAccelerated Technology Inc.
Nucleus PC - Development Environment (i960 supported)Accelerated Technology Inc.
Nucleus PLUS Real-Time Multitasking Operating SystemAccelerated Technology Inc.
Nucleus RTX Real-Time Multitasking Executive (i960 supported)Accelerated Technology Inc.
pSOSystem* Real-Time Operating SystemIntegrated Systems Inc.
SuperTask! Real-Time Embedded Operating SystemU.S. Software
Tornado*Wind River Systems, Inc.

Single Board Computer

CVME962 Single Board ComputerCyclone Microsystems Inc.
CVME964 Single Board ComputerCyclone Microsystems Inc.
HK80/V960D VMEbus Single-Board ComputerHeurikon Corporation
HK80/V960E VMEbus Single-Board ComputerHeurikon Corporation

Software Debug Tool

ApLink Debug ToolIntel Corp.
CodeTAP* for i960(R) CA/CF MicroprocessorsApplied Microsystems Corporation
CodeTAP* for i960(R) Hx Processor SeriesApplied Microsystems Corporation
C/C++ Source-Level DebuggerIntegrated Systems Inc.
Green Hills* Monserv Debug Server & Mon960 ROM MonitorGreen Hills Software, Inc.
MON960 Debug MonitorIntel Corp.
MULTI* Run Time Error CheckingGreen Hills Software, Inc.
MULTI* Source Level DebuggerGreen Hills Software, Inc.
MWX-ICE Real-Time Source-Level Debug EnvironmentApplied Microsystems Corporation
Nucleus DBUG/DBUG+ Multitasking DebuggerAccelerated Technology Inc.
QUICKval i960(R) Processor Starter KitsIntel Corp.
Real-Time Graphical Monitoring and Data Acquisition for VxWoReal-Time Innovations Inc.
STEP SDBUG960 State-of-the-Art Source-Level DebuggerSTEP Engineering
Universal Embedded Systems DebuggerCaseTools Inc.
XRAY Debugger for WindowsMicrotec
XRAY Debugger MonitorMicrotec
XRAY Debugger SimulatorMicrotec
XRAY MasterWorksMicrotec
XTK/TLC Cross Talk Tool Kit Transmission Line CalculatorQuad Design Technology Inc.

Software Development Tool

Cygnus Developers Kit for the i960(R) Processor FamilyCygnus Support
GOFAST 32- and 64-Bit Floating-Point LibrariesU.S. Software
Green Hills* Sim960 Instruction Set SimulatorGreen Hills Software, Inc.
Green Hills* XA960 Cross Assembler Tool ChainGreen Hills Software, Inc.
MULTI* Builder and Configuration ManagerGreen Hills Software, Inc.
MULTI* Execution ProfilerGreen Hills Software, Inc.
MULTI* Version ControlGreen Hills Software, Inc.
MWX Software Development ToolsApplied Microsystems Corporation
STEPGuide for STEP In-Circuit Express EmulatorsSTEP Engineering
StethoScope Data Visualization, Profiling & Debugging ToolWind River Systems, Inc.
VxSim* Prototyping and Simulation ToolWind River Systems, Inc.
WindView* Diagnostic and Analysis ToolWind River Systems, Inc.

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