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Smart 5 Boot Block Flash Memory Family


Product Highlights

  • 2-, 4- and 8-Mbit x8/x16 JEDEC-standard configuration
  • Footprint upgradable from 2-Mbit through 8-Mbit
  • Smart 5 Boot Block Flash Memory:
    - Voltage flexibility (5V and 12V Vpp)
    - Superior single 5V read/write performance
    - 12V write
  • 50% faster programming performance over 5V only
    - Faster throughput time
    - Improve manufacturing costs
  • High performance read
    - 60ns at 5V (2/4 Mbit)
    - 70ns at 5V (8 Mbit)
  • Superior byte write performance for code plus data storage
  • Absolute hardware write protection with Vpp=0
  • Automated algorithm for user transparent erase/program
  • Reset and deep-powerdown mode
  • Widely-sourced packaging and architecture
  • Optimized memory block architecture
    - Ideal for ROM, Code plus Data Storage and Bulk Flash EPROM
    - Integration for embedded applications

Product Description
Intel's NEW Smart 5 Boot Block flash memories, available in 2-, 4- and 8-Mbit densities, offers users optimal benefits in a mid-density flash. Using cost-effective and advanced process technologies, the Smart 5 Boot Block flash memory products offer new capabilities. You can choose between 5V or 12V Vpp voltages for single voltage systems supply, and/or fast manufacturing programming. Also offered are , x8 or x16 data bus, hardware reset, high performance read access, transparent automated erase/program algorithms and absolute write protection.

The Smart 5 Boot Block flash memory architecture is ideal for integrating boot ROM, code plus data storage and bulk flash code storage - with optimized memory blocks for each need. Designers can incorporate this tuned architecture in a selection of footprint compatible densities, including 2 Mbit, 4 Mbit and 8 Mbit.

The industry today demands flash memory products that have advanced features, are cost effective, and deliver flexibility and ease of use. Intel delivers these capabilities in 48-ld TSOP and 44-ld PSOP packages. In addition, Intel offers high-throughput efficiency in manufacturing with 12V programming, and simplicity of board design with 5V writes.

5V Vcc Read, 5/12V Vpp Write Low power, with Fast Programming
Simplified Product Nomenclature e.g. 28F400B5T60 Easy to order = 4-Mbit Boot Block, 5V Vcc, Top Boot, 60ns
5V single voltage modeEasier board design
50% faster programming than 5V-only productsLower volume programming and manufacturing costs as a result of higher throughput. 2x faster than "Only" = 1/2 the programming costs.
One socket for 2-, 4-, 8-Mbit No board changes for code expansion
Widely-sourced packaging and architectureMultiple supply sources and future protection from obsolescence
Backward compatibilitySeamless transition from current SmartVoltage Boot Block products.
Code plus data storageIntegrate data storage in the same device as your code
Automated algorithm for erase/writeMinimal software overhead and "learning curve" for Intel Flash memory

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