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Product End-Of-Life Announcement

Intel’s Military and Mature Products Operation (MMPO) has been servicing the defense industry for 20 years. In our years of service we have seen many changes, none more dramatic than the changing market conditions since 1994.

Due to the changes within the defense market segment, as well as the required deployment within our business group, Intel has decided to End of Life their Military and Special Environment products. This includes all products, package types, and speeds. (See Attachment A) The ceramic Connoisseur Die Coat product and Bare Die are also included in this End Of Life notice.

The last order date for all the Military and Special Environment products is, December 24, 1997. This will ensure you, our customer, have adequate time to develop your transition to either an Intel commercial solution or to another military manufacturer. The products that are shipped during this period will carry Intel’s standard warranty / replacement as stated in Intel’s "Terms and Conditions of Sale". As part of this end of life, we will not be able to accept order cancellations or reschedules after December 24, 1997. The last date to take delivery of product will be December 23, 1998.

Last Order Date

Last Ship Date

December 24, 1997

December 23, 1998


The Intel World Wide Web site has a tremendous amount of quality and reliability data for our commercial products as well as helpful software and hardware design considerations. Available quality and reliability information include:

  • Electrical specifications, device characteristics, and ESD ratings.
  • Fabrication process data such as die size and die stepping, reliability calculations like DPM, MTBF, and FIT, and Certificates of Registration of Quality System such as ISO 9002.
  • Package information such as thermal impedance, assembly location, and packaging designators.
  • Test information including test site location, the type of test equipment used, Burn/In data, and final test temperatures.

In addition, Intel has specific software and hardware information posted for our Microprocessors, Embedded processors, Flash and Micro Controllers including reference designs with schematics, application notes, and white papers. Also available is development tool vendors, products, and support details.

Please visit our Customer Support Web page for Hardware and Software Developers at: http://support.intel.com/oem_developer/

To help us meet your requirements, please determine your future product needs and submit your last time buy requirements as soon as possible. We request that you forecast with a local distributor by June 1997. Thank you for your attention to this notification. If you have any questions regarding the End Of Life, please contact your local distributor for additional information.

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