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Intel's SmartVoltage Boot Block 2-, 4-, 8-Mbit Family


Product Highlights

  • 2-, 4- and 8-Mbit x8 or x8/x16 JEDEC-standard configuration
  • Footprint upgradable from 2-Mbit through 8-Mbit
  • SmartVoltage technology
    - Voltage flexibility
    - 3.3V low power read
    - Superior single 5V read/write performance
    - 2.7V read option
  • 60% faster programming performance over 5V only
    - Lower throughput time
    - Lower manufacturing costs
  • High performance read
    - 60ns at 5V
    - 110ns at 3.3V
    - 120ns at 2.7V
  • Superior byte write performance for EEPROM emulation
  • Absolute hardware write protection with Vpp=0
  • Automated algorithm for user transparent erase/program
  • Reset and deep-powerdown mode (0.2ľA typical)
  • Widely-sourced packaging and architecture
  • Optimized memory block architecture
    - Ideal for ROM, EEPROM and Bulk Flash EPROM
    integration for embedded application
  • 28F400BV-T is available as SmartDie(TM) Product

Product Description
Intel's advanced SmartVoltage 2-, 4- and 8-Mbit flash memories offer users optimal benefits in a mid-density flash. Using a cost-effective and highly advanced process technology, the SmartVoltage 2-, 4- and 8-Mbit products offer new capabilities in establishing a standard in flash memory. You can choose among read/write voltages, x8 or x8/x16 data bus, hardware reset, high performance read access, transparent automated erase/program algorithms and absolute write protection.

The SmartVoltage 2-, 4- and 8-Mbit memory architecture is ideal for integrating boot ROM, EEPROM-like parameter storage and bulk flash code storage - with optimized memory blocks for each need. Designers can incorporate this tuned architecture in a selection of footprint compatible densities, including 2-Mbit, 4-Mbit and 8-Mbit.

The industry today demands flash memory products that have advanced features, are cost effective, and deliver flexibility and ease of use. Intel delivers these capabilities in 40-pin and greater TSOP and PSOP packages. Plus, only Intel offers voltage options for standard 5V read, down to 2.7V read for low-power current and future needs in one product offering at no price premium. In addition, Intel offers high-throughput efficiency in manufacturing with 12V programming, and simplicity of board design with 5V writes.

Intel's SmartVoltage 2-, 4-, and 8-Mbit products provide high integration for space-constrained embedded applications, low voltage for portable applications, and absolute block locking for easy system recovery in PC BIOS applications.

2.7V and 3.3V low-power read optionReduces system power consumption, increased thermal reliability
5V single voltage modeEasier board design
60% faster programming than restrictive 5V-only productsLower volume programming and manufacturing costs as a result of higher throughput
One socket for 2-, 4-, 8-MbitNo board changes for code expansion
Widely-sourced packaging and architectureMultiple supply sources and future protection from obsolescence
Backward compatibilitySeamless transition from current 12V write/5V read Flash products
EEPROM emulationIntegrate EEPROM functionality on chip in selected applications
Automated algorithm for erase/writeMinimal software overhead and "learning curve" for Intel Flash memory

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