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Intel USB
8x930Ax USB Peripheral Controller
8x930Hx USB Peripheral Controller
8x930 Family USB Evaluation Board
8x930 Family USB Adapter Board
430HX PCIset
430VX PCIset
440FX PCIset
430TX PCIset
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USB: Plug and Play the Easy Way
Universal Serial Bus (USB) and its virtually unlimited "outside the box" expansion capabilities are here today. Hassles over add-in cards, dip switches, jumpers, IRQs, DMA channels and I/O addresses should be a thing of the past. With USB, users can attach and detach peripherals without opening the computer, or even shutting it down. USB also provides an opportunity for exciting new digital peripherals including digital cameras and digital joysticks for multi-user games.

Faster Time-to-Market
Intel's end-to-end solutions for the Universal Serial Bus specification allow designersto move USB-compliant PCs and peripheral products to market in the minimum time.

  • The 8x930Ax Universal Serial Bus Peripheral Controller is designed for PC peripherals including digital joysticks, cameras and integrated PC/telephony applications.
  • The 8x930Hx Universal Serial Bus Hub Controller is designed for USB integrated hub devices, including monitors, printers and stand-alone USB hubs.
  • The 430HX PCIset enables top performance in highly reliable business PCs.
  • The 430VX PCIset offers maximum multimedia performance in home and small business PCs.
  • The 440FX PCIset delivers Pentium® Pro processor performance to mainstream business systems.
  • The 430TX PCIset provides optimal performance for both desktop and mobile systems,support for new industry initiatives, and breakthrough power efficiency.
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