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Intel 4-, 8-, 16-Mbit Byte-Wide Smart 3, Smart 5 and SmartVoltage FlashFile™ Memory Families

Product Overview
Intel's Smart 3, Smart 5 and SmartVoltage FlashFile™ memory components offer the lowest cost per bit flash solutions for high density applications. The FlashFile family provides density upgrades with full pinout and package compatibility for 4-, 8-, and 16-Mbit densities. These components feature SmartVoltage technology which enables fast factory programming and low voltage designs. They provide a high-density, low-cost nonvolatile read/write storage solution that is ideal for both code and data storage.

Product Description
The 4-, 8-, and 16-Mbit Smart 3, Smart 5 and SmartVoltage FlashFile memory component families are symmetrically blocked, byte-wide flash devices. They have 64-Kbyte erasable blocks, extended cycling, high read performancewrite automation, program/erase suspend capability and individual block locking. Combined, these features provide a highly flexible component that is suitable for a wide range of applications.

SmartVoltage technology on these new byte-wide FlashFile memory components offer voltages factory optimized for different system requirements at a lower cost to the customer. Smart 5 components are specifically optimized for 5V systems and support 5V Vcc and 5V or 12V Vpp. While Smart 3 components operate at 2.7V (read-only) or 3.3V Vcc and 3.3V or 12V Vpp. For ultimate voltage flexibility, SmartVoltage flash memories support 2.7V (read-only), 3.3V or 5.V Vcc and 3.3V, 5V or 12V Vpp. Fast programming with 12V Vpp option, supported on all byte-wide components, lowers manufacturing cost by improving throughput time. The 3.3V and 5V Vpp enables simple, single-voltage, lower power designs.

New in the command set of this byte-wide FlashFile family are enhanced program/erase suspend capabilities. The Smart 3 and SmartVoltage FlashFile memory families are the first flash memory components to offer program-suspend-to-read with a known maximum latency, enabling rigorous real-world solutions. Additionally, the suspend commands allow two system processes to multiplex. For example, a flash audio recorder can "write while erasing." This emulates tape recorders which records over previous data. Based on these enhanced features, new applications for flash memory will emerge.

The byte-wide Smart 3, Smart 5 and SmartVoltage FlashFile memory families are the ideal choice for high-density code and data storage applications. For high-density data acquisition applications, these products offer a cost-effective and reliable alternative to SRAM + battery. For secure code storage applications, such as networking, where code is either directly executed out of flash or downloaded to DRAM, the byte wide FlashFile families offer three levels of code protection: absolute protection with Vpp=GND, selective hardware block locking, and flexible software block locking. These alternatives give the designer ultimate control of code security needs.

The byte-wide Smart 3, Smart 5, and SmartVoltage FlashFile memory families are manufactured on Intel's 0.4- micron ETOX™ V process technology. They are available in 40-lead TSOP and 44-lead PSOP packages.

Product Highlights

  • SmartVoltage Technology
    • Smart 3: 2.7V (read-only) or 3.3V Vcc and 3.3V or 12V Vpp
    • Smart 5: 5V Vcc and 5V or 12V Vpp
    • SmartVoltage: 2.7V (read-only), 3.3V, or 5V Vcc and 3.3V, 5V or 12V Vpp
  • High-Performance Read
    • Ranging from 85ns to 120 ns Access Time at 5V Vcc
  • Enhanced Automated Suspend Options
    • Program Suspend to Read
    • Block Erase Suspend to Read
    • Block Erase Suspend to Program
  • Easy Density Upgrade Path with Industry-Standard Packaging
    • 40-Lead TSOP, 44-Lead PSOP
  • High-Density 64-Kbyte Symmetrical Block Architecture
    • 4 Mbit: Eight Blocks
    • 8 Mbit: Sixteen Blocks
    • 16 Mbit: Thirty-two Blocks
  • Low Power Management
    • 1 µA Typical Deep Power-Down Current
    • 1 mA Typical Icc Active Current in Static Mode
  • Low Power Management
    • 1 µA Typical Deep Power-Down Current
    • 1 mA Typical Icc Active Current in Static Mode
  • Automated Program and Block Erase
    • Command User Interface
    • Status Register
Intel 4-, 8-, 16-Mbit Byte-Wide FlashFile™ Memory Family with SmartVoltage Technology
SmartVoltage technology multiple voltage options
  • 2.7V Vcc: Low-power read extends battery life for portable systems
  • 12V Vpp: Fast write improves throughput time for lower manufacturing cost
  • 3.3V and 5V Vcc/Vpp: Reduces number of components for lower system costs
Symmetrically blocked architecture
  • Suitable for multi-chip applications
  • Allows code partitioning
Independently lockable blocks
  • Code/data storage security with the flexibility of software or hardware locking
85ns to 120ns read access time at 5V
  • Instant-on performance for application and operating software
Enhanced write/erase suspend operation
  • Service read and write operations in a timely manner
  • Known maximum latency enables rigorous real-world solutions
100,000 write-erase cycles/block
  • More reliable than disk
Automated byte-write/block-erase
  • Simplifies design
  • Frees processor for higher-priority tasks

DatasheetByte-Wide SmartVoltage FlashFile™ memory family 4, 8, and 16 Mbit 290600
Datasheet Byte-Wide Smart 5 FlashFile™ memory family 4, 8, and 16 Mbit 290597
DatasheetByte-Wide Smart 3 FlashFile™ memory family 4, 8, and 16 Mbit 290598
Application Note
28F008SC Compatibility with 28F008SA and 28F008SA-L 292180
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Application Brief
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