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Intel 16-Mbit FlashFile™ Memory Family

Additional High Value FlashFile Memory Devices
Product Highlights
  • 3.3V or 5V Vcc Selectable
  • x8 or x16 Configurable
  • High Performance 70ns Access Time
  • .43MB/sec Write Transfer Rate
  • 1 Million Erase Cycles/Block
  • Pipelined Command Execution
  • Write During Erase
  • Command Superset of Intel 28F008SA
  • 1mA Typical Icc in Static Mode
  • 1-2µA Typical Deep Power-Down/Sleep Current
  • 32 Independently Lockable Blocks
  • Industry Standard 56-Ld TSOP, SSOP Packaging
Additional 28F016SV Product Highlights
* SmartVoltage Technology

Product Description
The 28F016SA and 28F016SV are high performance 16Mbit (16,777,216 bit) flash memories, organized as 2Mbyte x 8 or 1M Word x 16. They contain 32 64-Kbyte (65,536 byte) blocks, each block separately erasable and capable of 1 million byte write-block erase cycles. Dual read voltage enables the design of memory cards which can interchangeably be read/written in 3.3V and 5.0V systems. The x8/x16 architecture allows the optimization of memory to processor interface. The flexible block locking option protects system boot code and enables bundling of executable application software in a Resident Flash Array or memory card. The 28F016SA and 28F016SV will be manufactured on Intel's 0.6-micron ETOX(TM) IV technology.

Intel's 16Mbit FlashFile Memories enable the design of truly mobile, high-performance, personal computing and communication products. With innovative capabilities, 3.3V low power operation and very high read/write performance, the 28F016SA and 28F016SV are also the ideal choice for designing embedded mass storage flash memory systems.

Intel's SmartVoltage technology (28F016SV) provides the option of 5V Vpp operation, the power savings of 3.3V read operation, and the speed and programmer compatibility of 12V write operation.

The 28F016SA and 28F016SV are the highest density, lowest cost 3.3V solution for solid-state storage applications. Their symmetrically blocked architecture (100% compatible with the 28F008SA 8-Mbit FlashFile memory), extended cycling, low power, 3.3V operation, very fast write and read performance and selective block locking provide a highly flexible memory component suitable for high density memory cards, resident flash arrays and flash drives.

28F016SA and 28F016SV
70ns read access time Instant-on performance for application and operating system software
3.3V Vcc and low power static and sleep modes Extends battery life (note: device is 3.3V or 5V Vcc selectable)
Two 256-byte page buffer write 4x write performance improvement of 28F008SA (.43Mbyte/sec write transfer rate)
32 64Kbyte independently lockable blocks Code/Data security, allows bundling of applications
1 Million erase cycles/block More reliable than rotating disk
x8 or x16 configurable Allows optimization of memory-to-processor interface
Command superset of 28F008SA Ease of design, increases time to market

Additional 28F016SV Features and Benefits
SmartVoltage technology (separate Vcc and Vpp pins) Provides design option of 5V Vpp operation
Low power 3.3V read operation
Fast 12V write performance
Hardware write protection

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