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Intel 8-Mbit FlashFile™ Memory 28F008SA

Additional High Value FlashFile™ Memory Devices

Product Highlights

  • Symmetrically blocked architecture
    -sixteen 64 KB blocks
  • High-performance read
    -85/120ns maximum access time
  • 100,000 write-erase cycles/block
    -1.6 million cycles/chip
  • Byte-write and block-erase automation
  • RY/BY# status output
  • Erase suspend capability
  • Industry-standard 40-Ld TSOP and 44-Ld PSOP packaging
  • Deep-powerdown mode
    -0.2uA typical
  • Available as SmartDie(TM) Product
Product Description
Intel's symmetrically blocked 28F008SA - the first flash memory optimized for solid state and data file storage - provides new opportunities for system differentiation. Using Intel's third-generation ETOX(TM) flash process, the 28F008SA offers the most cost-effective solution for read/write nonvolatile random-access system memory.

Combined with file management software such as Microsoft's* Flash File System, the 28F008SA's symmetrically blocked architecture and extended cycling provide high-performance disk-emulation capability. High-performance access times of 85 and 120ns deliver instant-on utility for resident application and operating system software. In addition, in-system update and upgrade flexibility eliminate the risk of software obsolescence.

The 28F008SA is a high-performance 8-Mbit (8,388,608-bit) flash memory organized as one Mbyte (1,048,576 bytes) of eight bits each. It contains 16 64-Kbyte (65,536-byte) blocks. Each block is separately erasable and capable of 100,000-byte write-block erase cycles. On-chip automation dramatically simplifies software algorithms and frees the system microprocessor to service higher-priority tasks. An enhanced system interface allows switching the 28F008SA into a deep powerdown mode during periods of inactivity and gives a hardware indication of the status of the internal Write State Machine.

High-speed access times result in minimal wait-state interfacing to microprocessor buses. Advanced TSOP packaging allows maximum density/in2.

Solid state, symmetrically blocked architecture High-performance, reliable disk emulation capability, allows code partitioning
85ns read access time Instant-on performance for application and operating software
0.2uA low-power sleep mode Extends battery life
100,000 write-erase cycles/block More reliable than disk
Automated byte-write/block-erase Simplifies design, frees processor for higher-priority tasks
Erase suspend capability Enables data/code access during erase
RY/BY# status output Hardware indication of WSM, allows interrupt system notification for background erase completion

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