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Intel FlashFile™ Memory DD28F032SA

Product Overview
Intel's DD28F032SA 32-Mbit FlashFile™ memory enables the design of truly mobile, high-performance personal computing and communication products. With innovative capabilities, 3.3V low power operation and very high read/write performance, the DD28F032SA is also the ideal choice for designing embedded mass storage flash memory systems. The DD28F032SA is the highest density, highest performance non-volatile read/write solution for solid-state storage applications. Its symmetrically blocked architecture (100% compatible with the 28F008SA 8-Mbit FlashFile memory), extended cycling, low power, 3.3V operation, very fast write and read performance and selective block locking provide a highly flexible memory component suitable for high-density memory cards, Resident Flash Arrays and Flash Drives.

Product Description
The DD28F032SA is a high-performance 32-Mbit flash memory organized as 4Mbyte x8 or 2MWord x16. The DD28F032SA contains 64 x 64-Kbyte blocks, each block separately erasable and capable of one million byte write-block erase cycles. The DD28F032SA's dual read voltage enables the design of memory cards which can interchangeably be read/written in 3.3V and 5V systems. Its x8/x16 architecture allows the optimization of memory to processor interface. The flexible block locking option protects system boot code and enables bundling of executable application software in a Resident Flash Array or memory card. The DD28F032SA is manufactured on Intel's 0.6µm ETOX™ IV technology..

Product Highlights
  • 3.3V or 5V Vcc selectable
  • Write during erase
  • x8 or x16 configurable
  • Command superset of Intel 28F008SA
  • High-performance 70ns access time
  • 2mA typical Icc in static mode
  • .43MB/sec write transfer rate
  • 2uA typical deep power-down/sleep current
  • 1 million erase cycles/block
  • 64 independently lockable blocks
  • Pipelined command execution
  • Industry standard 56-ld TSOP packaging
    70ns read access time (5V Vcc)Instant-on performance for application and operating system software
    3.3V Vcc and low-power static and sleep modesExtends battery life (note: device is 3.3V or 5V Vcc selectable)
    Two 256-byte write page buffers 4x write performance improvement of 28F008SA (.43 MByte/sec write transfer rate)
    64 x 64 Kbyte independently lockable blocksCode/Data security, allows bundling of applications
    1 million erase cycles/blockMore reliable than rotating disk
    x8 or x16 configurableAllows optimization of memory to processor interface
    Command superset of 28F008SAEase of design, decreased time-to-market

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