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Intel Media for Java* enables developers to create media-rich applications that can run either inside an Internet browser, as a stand-alone application, or on a Connected PC. With Intel Media for Java, developers can program to APIs that are both cross-platform and high-performance, providing the best possible user experience for the largest group of Web clients — Intel processor-based PCs running Windows* 95 and Windows NT* — while scaling to the capabilities of the connection and the processor.

This means that multimedia-enhanced Web applications can run over both lower-speed Internet and high-bandwidth intranet connections, using both today's and tomorrow's PCs. Since Intel Media for Java is a high performance, native method implementation, applets and applications benefit from the highly optimized and mature Windows infrastructure, while also transparently taking advantage of platform advances such as Intel’s MMX technology.

Intel Media for Java:

  • Enables Rich Java Applications.
    • Plays back locally-stored or streamed audio and video
    • Add 3D realism to audio
    • Smoothly animate complex scenes
  • Allows for Easy Authoring and Serving.
  • Provides the Optimum Performance of Native Code.
  • Scales to the Connection and the Processor.

Intel Media for Java* currently supports three packages:

  • Java Media Framework - This package provides the necessary support to incorporate rich video and audio into your Java Applets and Applications.
  • Intel Animation for Java - This package allows for the development of high performing, high quality and extremely flexible 2.5D animations.
  • Intel Spatial Audio for Java - This package introduces Java developers to 3-dimensional sound which provides users with a more realistic sound experience, by mirroring the way we hear in the outside world. This unique package provides sound above, below and behind the user—yet from only two speakers.

Designed with Performance in Mind

Since the Java Media Framework, as part of the Java Media APIs, has been designed by a group of leaders in the multimedia industry to be cross-platform, developers have the confidence that their Java Media applets and applications run well on a number of platforms. As always, Intel’s implementations for the PC are designed with performance in mind, as developers are assured of the best performance on Intel processor-based PCs running Windows 95 and Windows NT.

This First Release

With Intel Media for Java, Java developers now have the tools necessary to create high performance, engaging, media-rich applications for the world’s largest group of Web clients.

Return to this page in the future for subsequent updates and new packages as more APIs are defined.

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This page was last updated on Apr 8th 1997.

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