*Pentium® Processors & PCIset Components
*Intel486™ Microprocessors
*Flash Memory Components

The New 2nd Generation Reference Designs featuring Pentium® processor
with MMX™ technology and 82430TX PCIset available in SmartDie® products.

Products Overview
Intel's SmartDie® products address the current industry trends towards miniaturization, modularity and mobility. They are a selection of Intel standard components made available in unpackaged die form. SmartDie products combine the quality, reliability and performance of packaged products with the space- savings and integration benefits of bare die at no additional cost to the customer. They are fully tested to the same specifications as their packaged counterparts using a state-of-the-art die-level burn-in process. SmartDie products are available for, Intel Pentium® processors, PCI components, Intel486™: microprocessors , and Flash devices. Applications that benefit from SmartDie technology include ultraportable computers, cellular telephones, handheld terminals, and PC companions.

Quality. Fully tested to ensure full functionality
Price. Parity with equivalent packaged parts
Performance. Equivalent to packaged parts
Availability. Similar to packaged parts
Support. FACRs, RMAs, factory technical support, complete documentation, TAP program
Smaller, lighter, more mobile products
Same quality and reliability as packaged part design
Less circuit board space required-Up to 80% space savings
Increased functionality in the same space
Modular designs-simplified designs, build-to-order, scaleability, less inventory to control

SmartDie® Products Linecard

Product NameSpeedVoltageSamplesProductionDie Size (Mils)
Pentium® Processors :
Pentium Processor100,120,
133,150 MHz
2.9V (core)
3.3V (I/O)
NOWNOW361 x 391
Pentium Processor
w/ MMX™ technology
150, 166 MHz2.45V (core)
3.3V (I/O)
NOWNOW442 x 505
System Controller
60, 66MHz3.3/5 V NOWNOW236 x 238
Data Path

NOWNOW145 x 134
System Controller

3.3/5 V NOWNOW254 x 256
Intel486™ Processors :
Intel486 GXSF CPU33 MHz2.0-2.7V (core)
3.3V (I/O)
NOWNOW274 x 402
Intel486 SXSF CPU33 MHz2.4-2.7V (core)
3.3V (I/O)
NOWNOW274 x 402
Intel486 SX CPU33, 25 MHz3.3VNOWNOW261 x 396
Intel486 DX2 CPU50, 40 MHz3.3VNOWNOW261 x 451
Intel486 DX4 CPU100, 75 MHz3.3VNOWNOW313 x 344
Flash Type : Bulk Erase
28F01090ns5V VccNOWNOW155 x 189
28F02090ns5V VccNOWNOW155 x 316
Flash Type : Boot Block
28F400BV80/150ns5V/3.3VNOWNOW221 x 314
28F800BV70/120ns5V/3.3VQ3 '96Q1 '97214 x 468
FlashFile™ Memory:
28F008SA120 ns5V VccNOWNOW211 x 413

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