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MCS(R) 96 Microcontrollers-Application Notes

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AP-155 Oscillators for Microcontrollers
AP-449 A Comparison of the Event Processor Array (EPA) and High Speed Input/Output (HSIO) Unit
AP-700 Intel Fuzzy Logic Tool Simplifies ABS Design
AP-711 EMI Design Techniques for Microcontrollers in Automotive Applications
AP-715 Interfacing an I2C Serial EEPROM to an MCS(R) 96 Microcontroller
Using the 4th Entry Interrupt in ABS Designs
8x9xBH, KB, KC & KD Serial Port Mode 0
AB-32 Upgrade Path from 8096-90 to 8096BH to 80C196
AB-33 Memory Expansion for the 8096
AB-34 Integer Square Root Routine for the 8096
AB-45 Converting from the 8X9XBH or 8X9XJF to the 8XC196KB
AB-71--Using the SIO on the 8XC196MH
AP- 125 Designing Microcontroller Systems for Electrically Noisy Environments
AP-248 Using The 8096
AP-275 An FFT Algorithm For MCS(R) 96 Products Including Supporting Routines and Examples
AP-406 MCS(R) 96 Microcontoller Analog Acquisition Primer
AP-428 Distributed Motor Control Using the 80C196KB
AP-466 Using the 80C196KB
AP-468 Serial Port Mode 0 8X9XBH/KB/KC/KD
AP-475 Using the 8XC196NT
AP-483--Application Examples Using the 8XC196MC/MD Microcontroller
AP-707 Analog Data I/O Solutions for Intel 8XDC196NP Microcontroller
AP-714 Converting from the 8XC196KB/KC/KD to the 8XC196Nx Family
AP-717 Migrating from the 8XC196NP or 8XC196NU to the 80296SA
Intel 83C196NP Microcontroller Application Brief: Bar Code Scanner
Interfacing a 20 MHz 8XC196 to an 82527 Serial Communications Controller
Project Builder 196

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