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MCS(R) 96 Microcontrollers-Software Support

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Software-Code Examples
196KX PWM Sine Wave Generator
Assembly Language A/D buffering routine
Assembly Language A/D Buffering Routine
C Source for Interrupts on Serial Bus
Digital Filter Techniques Using 80C196
FFT for 64 Real Dta (w/ square root)
FFT Pgms for Data and Plot to a Printer
Floating Point Trig Functions for MCS-96
International Apps Conf. 196NP Lab Code
N-Bit Integer Math Routines
Serial Putchar & Getchar (8XC196KR)
Src Code from Ap428 (Dist. Motor Ctrl)
S/W for Communication with 196 Through PC
196KC Eval Board Software
196KD Eval Board Software
196NP Target Board Software
196NT Target Board Software
196NU Target Board Software
Back to Basics Devel Board Ex. Programs
Back to Basics Eval Board ex. Programs
Diagnostics Library
ESS2 Flexlogic Source Files
Log, Log10, POW, & EXP "C" Language Routine
RISM Monitor & PLD Eqns (196KB Eval Brd)
Source & Jed Files Corrections MBE196PLD
Zipped ZapCode II Software Kit
16-Bit MCS(R) 96 Microcontroller Object Module File Spec
Procedural Interface Spec for OMF96
Protel Device Libraries for the 196 Family
Type Definitions Addendum to OMF96
ZapCode II Electronic ROM-Code Transmission Service
ZapCode II Handbook
ZapCode II ID Request Form
[Zip]Extended HEX Addr Inv Util X1.0
Event Processor Array
196KR Eval Board Software
196KR RISM Source; Unzip with PK204G: Utils
196NP RISM Code ver 1.0 (Zipped)
196NT RISM Code ver 1.0 (Zipped)
High-Speed I/O
Software-Code Examples
Include file for 80C196KB
Include File for 80C196KC
I/O Register Definitions & Macros, 196KC
Register Definitions for 8XC196KC
196KD Eval Bd:Remap Intvectors-->
Basic Src. & EXE file for 196KC Timings
Fixed C2Dev Prog for 196KD Trgt Brd
ModelBuilder S/W for the 196KC/KD(Demo)
Software for 80C196KC Evaluation Board
Software for 80C196KD Evaluation Board
Motor Control
Software-Code Examples
Example Programs for AP-483
MC/MD Eval Board Demonstration File
Register Declaration Files 196MC/MD
VF.INC File for Ap-Note 483
BASIC src. and EXE file for 196KC timings
S/W for communication w/196 through PC

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