Project Builder 196

(#2643) Project Builder 196

Project Builder 196

Application Project Kit and Modeling Software
For the 196KB/KC/KD

Functional Overview
Project Builder 196 answeres the Design Engineers's question: "How well can the 196 Embedded Microcontroller handle my application?". It is a low cost, "turn key" kit which includes all hardware and software needed to begin your 16-bit embedded project. The kit includes a Target Board, symbolic debugger, Demo ASM96, application profiling software, code generation tools, OrCAD* schematics, hypertext technical manuals and more! The best part is that it sells for the petty cash price of just $196.00.

Create System Level Application Model
The ModelBUILDER Windows software allows you to create a system level model of your application without writing a line of code! Use a mouse to select from 9 precoded application Performance Templates in a control loop model, then change the execution period of each template to best represent your application load. The resulting CPU loading percentage is graphically displayed on the color coded bar chart and in tabular form. Then perform hardware design "What If" analyses with pull-down menus and on-screen buttons for changing: memory wait states, 8- or 16-bit address bus width, and CPU frequency settings. Up to five models can be saved for quick comparisions.

Program the Microcontroller with Your Mouse
Begin building your application with a powerful system expert programming tool for Intel's Embedded Controllers, called ApBUILDER. It generates both 'C' and ASM code while mapping everything a programmer needs to each development screen. It's like having a factory applications engineer on a disk! Programming masks prevent mistakes and allow you to develop your application without prior knowledge of the 196 Architecture. Every ApBUILDER screen is context sensitive with links to the hypertext processor manual and data sheets for instant acess to technical information.

Retargetable Symbolic Debug Monitor
The Project Builder 196 kit comes with a retargetable Symbolic Debug Monitor for low-level interrogation of the 20MHz 196KD Target Board. A Monitor Kernel on chip allows real time register of memory interrogation and modification while the CPU is running. Your programs download from your PC serial port at 57.6K baud for real time savings!
As your application develops, replace the Target Board SRAM with programmed EPROM or FLASH memory and operate the baord as a stand alone system. Project hardware interface connectors are available for: High Speed Input/Output interface, Analog Inputs, Digital Inputs/Outputs, and External Memory.
As you prototype your hardware your software license allows you to retarget the Symbolic Debug Monitor to your prototype. The Debug Monitor Kernel is configurable for the 196KB, KC, and KD for any processor speed!

Project Builer 196 Kit Contents
Order Code: PROJBLD196KBCD $196.00

Programming Language Support

System Requirements
Copmuter: PC with Intel 386™ processor or above with a VGA monitor. Operating System: PC-DOS*/MS-DOS and Windows 3.1 or above. System RAM: minimum of 2 MB.

Fuzzy Logic Kits, Starting at just $396.00
Fuzzy Logic S/W CASE tools allow you ro spend your time solving the problem, NOT programming the system. Develop and debug your application in a totally graphical environment. With the click of your mouse, generate the fuzzy system code. Interface the fuzzy system to the Target Board with the point and click code generation tool, ApBUILDER. Building your system had never been easier. That's why we call it: "Working Smarter... NOT Harder!"

Fuzzy Logic Application Tools

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