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Introducing the Lx Family!
Intel has a long history of supplying the Automotive industry starting in 1979 when, in response to the energy crisis and clean air concerns, a number of automotive manufacturers and suppliers sought Intel's expertise in developing an engine control microchip. This resulted in the Intel 8096 microcontroller. Ford, one of the original parties, chose a path that resulted in their EEC-IV (Electronic Engine Control-IV) based on the Intel 8061 microcontroller 4 years later, a product that is still in use today.

From the beginning Intel has developed a comprehensive line of microcontrollers and flash memories for Automotive applications. Automotive Flash memories range in densities from 2 Mbit to 16 Mbit and speeds up to 25 MHz.

Intel Automotive offers a large family of MCS96 products, which have shipped over 110 million units to date, for applications such as Powertrain (engine and transmission) control, Anti-lock braking and vehicle dynamic control, and Networking within the vehicle. The MCS96 cost-effectiveness and broad range of on-chip memory and peripherals ensure you will find a component suitable for your application. Recent additions to the Automotive family include the 83C196EA (product brief), attractive for powertrain applications, and the Lx family, attractive for applications such as lower-cost Anti-lock braking systems. The Lx family includes the 87C196LB, 83C196LC, and the 83C196LD. Please review the product overviews for information on these new products.

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