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83C196EA Microcontroller Product Brief

The 83C196EA (datasheet .pdf 744k Bytes) is the first member in a new family of microcontrollers targeted at powertrain control in automobiles. It operates at 32 MHz and is highly integrated with a large number of peripherals and 4K of RAM. The 83C196EA's demultiplexed address/data bus with 3 chip select outputs make it easier to design low cost memory solutions.

A new Serial Debug Unit (SDU) featured on the 83C196EA allows the contents of the code RAM to be read and written without CPU overhead via a high-speed dedicated serial link. A single hard-ware breakpoint may also be set via the SDU.

For high speed event capture and output compare, the 83C196EA has 17 flexible Event Processor Array (EPA) channels and 8 output only modules. These output only modules are new to the C196 Family and have the ability to capture a timer when the compare occurs. There are four independent timer/counters on the 83C196EA.
A new analog to digital converter is implemented on the 83C196EA. This 16 channel 10-bit ADC has a dedicated result register for each channel. Each channel can be individually selected for inclusion in an auto-scan mode which operates without CPU overhead. The most recent conversion result is always available in the channel's result register in this mode.

To assist with inter-processor communications the 83C196EA has two UARTs and two half-duplex synchronous serial ports. Each UART has its own baud rate generator for flexibility. The synchronous serial port is enhanced from previous implementations in that the user has full control over the clock phase and polarity. Support for multi-master systems has been added to the synchronous serial ports.

Eight pulse width modulator units are also on the 83C196EA. Each unit has eight-bit resolution and is capable of frequencies ranging from 244 Hz to 62.5 KHz with a 32 MHz clock.

The 83C196EA can perform stack limit checking in hardware to assist in code development and help insure system integrity.

BSO Tasking

-24-bit C-compiler
-24-bit assembler


-ICE by Nohau
-Demo Board by Intel



  • 32 MHz operation
  • 2X performance of current C196 products
  • Clock doubler
  • Reduces external noise
  • 2 MBytes of linear address space
  • More space for high level language compilation
  • 8 KBytes of ROM
  • Provides on-chip boot memory
  • 4 KBytes of RAM
  • More variable storage in fast on-chip memory
  • Register to register architecture
  • High performance and fast context switching
  • Chip select unit with 3-chip select pins
  • Glueless memory interfacing
  • Dynamic demultiplexed/multiplexed address/data bus
    per chip select
  • Flexible bus interface
  • Programmable wait states per chip select
  • Eliminates need for external wait state generator
  • 17 High speed capture/compare channels
  • Very flexible I/O subsystem
  • 8 High speed output compare channels
  • Useful for time-base conversions
  • 4 Flexible 16-bit timer/counters
  • Versatile timer/counter structure
  • 8 PWM units with 8-bit resolution
  • No CPU overhead for PWM generation
  • 2 Full duplex serial ports
  • Full duplex synchronous serial port
  • High speed, flexible synchronous communications
  • Stack overflow/underflow monitor
  • Hardware fault protection
  • Serial debug unit
  • Reading and writing of code RAM without CPU. Can set
    one hardware breakpoint
  • 16 channel auto-scanning analog to digital converter
  • Reduces CPU overhead to control analog to digital converter
  • 160Ld QFP package
  • Automotive temperature: -45C° to 125C°

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