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Developing software for the latest generation of Intel microprocessors is challenging. Without an inside view of the architecture you are developing for, you cannot be sure of getting the optimal performance from your code. VTune was developed specifically to address this.

VTune establishes performance tuning as part of the software development process. It allows you to monitor the performance of all active software in the system. It gives a complete picture of how your application performs in relation to the operating system and other active software on your system, locates troublespots, then offers advice and suggestions to improve performance. VTune's sophisticated database technology, context-sensitive online documentation, and advanced compiler technology makes optimizing your code very simple.

VTune is the first software tuning application designed specifically for the Intel Architecture. Developed by Intel performance analysts and architecture experts, VTune can:

  • Monitor the performance of all active software, including the operating system,VxDs, and DLLs.
  • Identify the hotspots in your program and analyze their performance as they execute on an Intel microprocessor platform.
  • Examine each instruction as it executes on the Intel Architecture to uncover problems at the machine level.
  • Optimize your code using context-sensitive online tuning suggestions.

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