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A variety of information is available about the i960 RP I/O processor and standardized Intelligent I/O via the I2O specification. Below you'll find a collection of links offering background information.

Read about how PCI sparked an era of intelligent I/O innovation, increasing the performance of subsystems on open server platforms.

Get more background on the Intelligent I/O in the PC-based enterprise computing environment.

A description of the I/O bottleneck and solutions to the device driver dilemma is available in the I2O management overview.

Implementations of server-related I/O functions are addressed in the Intel Pentium Pro Processor On-Line Introduction: Enterprise Computing.

The role of I/O architecture in Pentium Pro processor-based servers is discussed in the Pentium Pro Processor Network Server Configuration Guide.

High-Speed Networking addresses the supporting reasons why increased I/O bandwidth is important to nearly all server activities.

High-performance Solutions for Workgroups offers information comparing desktop bandwidth and network bandwidth.

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