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i960® Microprocessor Development Tools

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For the past eight years the Solutions960® program has been dedicated to providing the most complete development environment available for the 32-bit embedded RISC market. From a modest start in 1988, the program has grown to include over 75 vendors, offering well over 200 development tool solutions. The world class companies that we have brought together to support your i960® microprocessor development requirements are widely considered to be the leaders in their respective fields. With their help, the i960 processor has become the highest shipping 32-bit RISC processor available today.

But all the vendors and tool numbers fade in importance when it comes to the day to day problems you face designing your product. With a mix and match of tools from a variety of suppliers, even trying to get a clear answer to whether it is a tool or chip problem becomes nearly impossible. With that in mind Intel has established the No Run-around Technical Support Program. In short, if you have a problem with the i960 microprocessor or any tools supplier that has committed to the program, one call is all you will need to make to get your answer....fast!

From the $10 i960 Sx processor to the 150+ MIPS of the i960 Hx microprocessor series Intel and the Solutions960 program are committed to providing the finest development environment available.

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