No Run-around Technical Support

Embedded application developers purchase tools and modules from many vendors. For example, a developer might purchase all the following items from different suppliers:

  • i960 processors
  • compiler and other code development tools
  • symbolic debugger or Integrated Development Environment
  • in-circuit emulator
  • real-time operating system application-specific library

    Intel and a group of its Solutions960 Program vendors have implemented a customer support program called "No Run-around Technical Support." At some time most developers have experienced a run-around that, however sincere on the part of the vendors involved, takes them on a multi-vendor journey trying to get a problem resolved. The Solutions960 vendors have mutually agreed to guarantee that this will not happen to i960 applications developers. When a developer calls vendor A but A is convinced that the problem involves vendors B and C, A will call B and C instead of bouncing the problem back to the developer. The vendors then work jointly to resolve the problem. The result is the quick resolution of problems and the maintenance of a single point of contact across vendors participating in the No Run-around Technical Support program.

    Participating Vendors:

  • Applied Microsystems
  • Genesis Microsystems
  • Cygnus
  • Green Hills Software
  • Hewlett-Packard
  • Integrated Systems
  • Microtec Research
  • STEP Engineering
  • Topmax Corporation
  • Wind River Systems

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