Sign up for a i960® Processor Solutions Seminar

Intel Corporation, in conjunction with Applied Microsystems Corporation and WindRiver invites you to an i960® Processor Solutions Seminar.

Topics will include:

· Overview of ALL 80960 processors
· Latest updates straight from the factory
· How to choose the right 80960 processor for your project

· 80960 tool solutions from Applied Microsystems
· Capabilities an emulator will add to your debug tools
· Task-oriented breakpoints using RTOS-LinkT

· The latest in intelligent I/O products
· Intel's 80960RP - The first I/O processor with a Jx core and PCI to PCI bridge
· Applied's 80960RP CodeICE with PCI bus monitoring built-in

· Gain a better understanding of the Tornado™ development environment
working with VxWorks® and IxWorks®

· Learn how to begin integrating your HW & SW before building a HW
prototype to enable you to:

· Verify HW functionality using SW intended for use in the system
· Verify startup code, enabling faster debug of the prototype
· Verify algorithms while changes in the HW can readily be made
· Limit code stubbing

· An opportunity to view live demonstrations and ask questions of the experts in embedded 80960 design

· Learn how you can improve your design and time-lines during all stages of the project

Seminars are scheduled for the U.S. and around the world. For a complete listing of seminar dates and to sign up for the class, please visit the AMC website at www.amc.com or by phone at 1-800-463-5049.

i960® Processor is a registered trademark of Intel Corporation RTOS-Link(T) is a trademark of Applied Microsystems Corporation Tornado™, VxWorks™ and IxWorks® are trademarks and registered trademarks of WindRiver.

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