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Design Tools

Intel offers tools for every stage of your system development. In the Design stage, you are writing software, developing and integrating multi-component subsystems, confirming timing compatibility and executing various hardware and software simulations.

The utilities that follow require a browser that supports tables. To download a compatible browser, go to Multimedia and Internet Tool Kit.

The Cycling Utility calculates flash memory cycling versus time due to periodic system updates for your specific application parameters.

The Power Profile Utility provides a quantitative profile of flash memory power consumption in various operating modes for your specific application.

Intel's Evaluation Kits provide complete solutions for developing with flash memories, including all necessary hardware and software in addition to product samples and documentation.

Flash Data Integrator (FDI) Developer's Kit
Value Series 100 Flash Memory Card Evaluation Kit
Series 100 Flash Memory Miniature Card Evaluation Kit

Intel has developed a large number of additional design tools, including:

  • CPU Interface Reference Designs (Logic Files, Timing Analysis, Schematics, Documentation)
  • Behavioral Models (VHDL and Verilog)
  • IBIS Models
  • TimingDesigner* Models
  • Flash Media Managers and Software Drivers
  • PCB Layout Files
  • Schematic Symbols

For information on these tools, organized by specific flash memory product, visit our tool portfolio sites for Flash Components and Flash Cards.

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