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Prototyping and Production Tools

Intel offers tools for every stage of your system development. In the Prototyping stage, you have completed the majority of your system design andare debugging actual hardware and software. In the Production stage, youare ramping up to high-volume system manufacturing (and in many casessimultaneously beginning on your next-generation system!).

FlashPRO is a PC-driven (parallel port attachment) single-socket programmer. It provides a low-cost, high-quality engineering programmer solution for Intel Flash Memory components and cards.

FlashPRO-II is now available. This advanced engineering programmer supports all Intel Flash memory components and cards supported by FlashPRO in addition to providing support for new low-voltage flash memories.

Intel works closely with industry-leading programmer vendors to ensure you fast, reliable and timely flash memory programming support. For a list of evaluated programmers, reference the information found at our tool portfolio sites forFlash Components and Flash Cards.

The Flash Memory Advanced Programming and Handling Literature Guide enables implementation of Tape-and-Reel at Board Assembly. This kit provides information on various on-board-programming techniques and handling solutions.

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