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Intel 28F016XS Fast Flash Memory

Product Overview
The Intel 28F016XS is a 16-Mb synchronous flash memory component that combines very high read performance with the nonvolatility, updatability and low power of flash memory. It provides higher integration, 3.3V capability and up to twice the read performance of DRAM, without price premiums or additional board space requirements.

Product Description
The 28F016XS makes an ideal code storage/execution memory for any burst-mode CPU, such as the Pentium® processor and the embedded Intel486(TM) or i960® microprocessors.

In doing so, this device replaces redundant code DRAM + NVM (ROM, EPROM, HDD, etc.), reducing system cost, board space and power requirements.

The Intel 28F016XS is a nonvolatile code storage/execution solution that is internally partitioned into 16 software-lockable, 128-Kbyte blocks. In addition, it removes the system latency caused by code transfers from NVM to DRAM on power-up. This can benefit any instant-on system design. Using minimal glue logic, the Intel 28F016XS can easily interface to burst-mode CPUs, supporting 33-MHz zero-wait state, 5V burst read performance. Designs based on 3.3V Vcc can execute 25-MHz zero-wait state burst reads.

This device is particularly well suited for high-speed data communication systems such as routers, hubs and ATM networks. The benefits of the 28F016XS also extend to telecommunications central office switch, local exchange and premise switch, and cellular base station designs. Other applications where the 28F016XS is well suited include POS terminals, diskless workstations, and office automation--such as printers, scanners and copiers.

Product Highlights
  • Synchronous burst interface
  • SmartVoltage technology
  • Nonvolatile, updatable and low power
  • 56-lead TSOP and SSOP packages
  • 2 MB of code storage space
  • 16 symmetrical 128-Kbyte blocks
  • x16 or x8 output configuration
  • Wide range of design support tools
    Synchronous burst interface33-MHz, zero wait-state performance for burst-mode CPUs such as the i960 and Intel486 processors
    SmartVoltage technology Vcc = 5V or 3.3V, Vpp = 5V or 12V
    Nonvolatile, code storage and execution solutionLower system cost than DRAM + NVM (NVM = ROM, EPROM, HDD, etc.)
    Lower power than DRAM + NVM Longer battery life in portable applications
    In-system updatable Faster time to market--first systems can ship earlier and be updated if necessary
    x16 and x8 output configurationOptimize memory granularity

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