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Intel 28F016XD Fast Flash Memory

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Intel 28F016XS Fast Flash Memory
Product Overview
The Intel 28F016XD is an innovative 16-Mb flash memory component that combines a DRAM-like system interface with the nonvolatility, updatability and low power of flash memory. The 28F016XD is an ideal solution for embedded applications where redundant code DRAM + NVM (ROM, EPROM, HDD, etc.) are historically used for the code execution/storage memory.

Product Description
The simple RAS#/CAS# interface of the 28F016XD allows the use of standard memory controllers, optimizing time to market. This makes it ideal for providing code execution/storage support for systems based on the embedded Intel486TM, Intel386TM or i960(R) microprocessors. The 28F016XD is in-system updatable, reducing the risk of early manufacturing as compared to OTP code storage options such as ROM. In addition, several third-party vendors offer 28F016XD SIMM modules, making it easy to upgrade SIMM-based code DRAM + NVM designs.

The Intel 28F016XD Fast Flash Memory is internally partitioned into 32 software-lockable blocks that are 64 Kbytes each. This device also contains SmartVoltage technology, which allows it to support single\supply 5V operation or optimized read/write voltages. Because the 28F016XD is a nonvolatile, code storage and execution solution, there is no need for memory refresh or redundant NVM. This reduces system power and board space requirements.

The Intel 28F016XD feature set is particularly well suited for data communications, telecommunications, embedded computing, and office automation applications.

Product Highlights

  • RAS#/CAS# system interface
  • 2 MB of code storage space
  • SmartVoltage technology
  • 32 symmetrical 64-Kbyte blocks
  • Nonvolatile, updatable and low power
  • x16 output configuration
  • 56-lead TSOP packaging
  • Wide range of design support tools
    Simple RAS#/CAS# system interface Allows use of standard DRAM controllers, optimizing time to market
    Lower system cost than DRAM + NVM (NVM = ROM, EPROM, HDD, etc.) Lower power, higher integration, and 3.3V capability without price premium
    SmartVoltage technologyVcc= 5V or 3.3V, Vpp= 5V or 12V
    Nonvolatile, code storage/and execution solutionNo refresh required - no need for redundant memory (vs. DRAM + NVM)
    Lower power than DRAM + NVMDesirable for portable applications
    In-system updatableFaster time to market - first systems can ship earlier and be updated if necessary
    x16 output configurationOptimize memory granularity

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