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High Performance, True 3D Sound

3D sound
for Intel
architecture PCs.

Now you can create PC applications with sound so realistic your users will have to hear it to believe it. Intel 3D Realistic Sound Experience (3D RSX) supersedes stereo, stereo enhancers and simple panning. Whether you're developing virtual environments or highly realistic web pages, 3D RSX lets you accurately position multiple sounds in 3D space. Objects sound as if they're above you, behind you, to the left, to the right and more. And thanks to sophisticated features such as built-in reverberation, variable pitch and Doppler effects, you can produce the rumble of a train in a tunnel, the revving of an engine, the whizzing of a car speeding by, and more.

With 3D RSX's transaural cross-cancellation technology, speakers now produce the same great 3D sound as headphones. Just choose your favorite audio peripheral and 3D RSX automatically tunes itself to sound its best.

For Internet-based applications 3D RSX is VRML 2.0 compliant and supports Internet-based streaming, including multi-channel streams with multiple sample rates. Java* applets running under Microsoft Internet Explorer* 3.0 or Netscape Navigator* 3.x can also benefit from 3D RSX.

3D RSX is a complete software solution and it's available today. It's also scalable -- it produces sounds in real time and the faster the processor, the better things sound.

Realistic 3D Sound is:

  • Realistic, positional 3D sound over speakers or headphones through Head-Related Transfer Function (HRTF) technology and open speaker cross-cancellation
  • Ready for the Internet ­- supports URL-based sound sources, Java, streaming and VRML 2.0
  • Versatile ­ with a choice of high-level COM interfaces for ease of use or low-level interfaces for greater control
  • Accepts MIDI-based sound emitters
  • Tuned for top performance on PentiumŪ and PentiumŪ Pro processors
  • Powerfully designed to take advantage of MMXTM technology
  • Enhanced developers kit includes auto-configuration, runtime setup, samples, demos and documentation

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