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Don't imagine the future, experience it! The future of PC-based audio technology is here and it goes by the name 3D Realistic Sound Experience (3D RSX)! This latest version of the 3D Realistic Sound Experience is a truly interactive, positional, 3D sound solution for the PC that runs completely in software, and is available today. Say goodbye to stereo, stereo enhancers and simple panning. Say hello to 3D RSX. It produces sound so realistic that you truly have to hear it to believe it.

Begin believing now! First listen, without true 3D sound technology (1805 kb), to a sound circling your head. Now compare as you listen to the same sound with 3D RSX (use headphones - 1805 kb). Now for your listening pleasure some additional 3D RSX sounds.

Dare to imagine 3D RSX in your favorite PC-based video game, multimedia application, or website! No matter how good it sounds now, 3D RSX has the power to make it sound better.

  • Visualize an adrenaline-pumping aerial dogfight. Now listen (use headphones - 1805 kb) the 3D RSX way.
  • Imagine a battle for galactic supremacy. Then listen (use headphones - 1677 kb) the 3D RSX way.

3D RSX leverages HRTF (Head Related Transfer Function) based technology to accurately position, in real-time, multiple sounds in 3D space. Objects will actually sound like they are above you, behind you, to the left, to the right, and more. And thanks to the transaural cross-cancellation technology found in 3D RSX, sounds are equally amazing with headphones or speakers.


For technical support, go to the RSX Newsgroup. Use your newsreader or your web browser.

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