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True 3D Sound

This is not the same old stereo sound you've heard before. This is the future. This is our next-generation True 3D Sound Technology at its finest!

3D RSX features true 3D interactive, positional sound. Sounds actually seem to be positioned in 3D space. You can hear and distinguish sounds above you, behind you, to the left, to the right, and so on.

  • Open Speaker Cross-Cancellation

    Feel the audio pressing on your ears as truly realistic 3D sound comes to your speakers.

    3D RSX features transaural cross-cancellation technology. From your speakers you can now get the same realistic 3D sound as you heard with your headphones.

  • Scalability

    As your processor gets faster - 3D RSX sounds better!

    3D RSX detects how fast your computer is and automatically tune itself accordingly.

  • Streaming

    Add a Realistic Sound Experience to Internet-based streaming audio!

    Audio objects in 3D RSX can accept and process real-time data. 3D RSX can efficiently handle multi-channel streams with multiple sample rates.

  • Reverberation

    Can you hear the rumble of the train in the tunnel?

    3D RSX provides an interface that models room acoustics and simulates sound effects occurring in a confined space. This enables you to add further realism to an audio environment.

  • Doppler Effects

    Did you hear that car whiz by?

    3D RSX will automatically calculate the change in frequency of a sound wave resulting from the relative motion of the sound source and the listener.

  • Pitch

    Rev' an engine, make comical alterations to voices, and more!

    3D RSX lets you alter the pitch of a tone to create effects such as acceleration or fadeout.

  • MIDI

    Hear an entire symphony with a file that downloads in just seconds instead of hours!

    3D RSX accepts MIDI-based sound emitters - great for background music in games!

  • Integrate with the Internet

    The whole world cares about the web - now make the whole world care about your 3D RSX-enabled application.

    3D RSX supports URL-based sound sources for easy web-integration. There is also support for streaming audio into and out of 3D RSX.

  • Easy to Use Interfaces

    Simple COM interfaces enable an easier development life.

    3D RSX features simple-to-use, high-level interfaces while also providing low-level interfaces for those who need more control.

  • Java* Support

    Bring your Web page to life with cool RSX audio effects!

    Your Java applications can now access the features of 3D RSX. Microsoft provides a way for Java to talk to COM objects, so now your Java applets can talk to 3D RSX.
    (This feature currently works only with Microsoft Win32* Virtual Machine for Java)

  • VRML 2.0 Compliant

    Need a VRML 2.0 3D audio compliant solution NOW?

    3D RSX contains the features needed to quickly and easily add VRML 2.0 compliant audio support to your application.

  • Mixing

    A simple interface, high-performance -- who could ask for more?

    3D RSX can also be used as an easy-to-use, high-performance audio mixer. 3D RSX will, in real-time, mix multiple sound emitters of any sample rate.

  • Peripheral Optimization

    Do you prefer headphones or speakers? It doesn't matter with 3D RSX!

    Once you select your favorite audio peripheral 3D RSX automatically tunes itself to sound its best.

  • Processor and Memory Optimizations

    Smaller, Faster, Better!

    3D RSX uses memory far more efficiently than other versions of RSX. 3D RSX has also been specifically tuned for performance using Intel Pentium® processors with MMX™ technology.

  • A much improved SDK

    All kinds of new goodies!

    The 3D RSX SDK can auto configure RSX for your computer. We provide a runtime setup for use with Installshield* and a stand-alone runtime setup. We've also included lots of samples, demos and documentation!

  • And much, much more!

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