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3D RSX Bug Reports

This form is not active on the Developers' Insight CD-ROM

Please be as detailed as possible. In your description, relate the exact circumstances under which the bug appeared. Remember that we will need to use your description to reproduce the problem. Make sure to describe any hardware or software issues that may have contributed to the problem.

Enter your name and contact information. Specify in which version of the software you noticed the problem, and assign the bug a name and an estimated severity to the problem. Then fill in the description box and submit the form.

Full Name:
Internet E-Mail Address: Phone:
Details about your system and setup:
Processor Type: Processor Speed:
System Manufacturer: System Memory:
Operating System: Network Connection:
Sound Card: Do You Use DirectX*?
Details about the problem:
Bug Title:
SDK Version: Severity:
Description of the Problem:

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