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InstantON: Your PC Can Work Anytime

InstantON lets you schedule your PC to work automatically, whether you are there or not: Leave your Windows* 95 system powered on, and you can schedule system tools like ScanDisk to run late at night, or outgoing faxes to be sent when the rates are low.

And if your PC supports power management, don't turn it off...switch it to low power and it can always be available, staying in low power until you need it. With power management your PC can conserve power and still wake up quickly enough to receive an incoming FAX or when you move the mouse.

InstantOn is a Windows 95 applet developed by Intel labs to support advanced always available PC usage models. InstantON combines a flexible interface with the ability to schedule Windows applications. Please note there is no technical support provided for this applet.

What you need to know to download InstantON
Windows* 95 version
It's Free!

* Legal Stuff © 1997 Intel Corporation

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