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Developer Support Programs

Intel's MMX(TM) technology is a set of architecture extensions designed specifically to support media-rich software and communications applications. To facilitate the timely development of consumer software based on this new technology, Intel is offering a wide variety of support to qualified software application developers.

Developer Support: Call 800-433-5182 and pick from the options below:
The Developer Support Programs are designed for developers of consumer software who are early adoptors of Intel technologies and processors. These programs provide software developer with access to information and application engineers on pre-announced Intel processors and technologies.

Program Options
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Cost Ordering Code
Quarterly TDK, Private Web Access, Realtime Updates $395/Annual TDX01
Custom Consulting - on phone or
on-site (add travel expense)
$1295/10 hours
Hybrid Authoring Studio $995/day (includes consulting) HAS-STUDIO
DVD/ROM Authoring Lab $995/day - for PC applications HAS-LAB

* call 503-264-3555 to schedule

General Information

  • MMX technology information includes manuals, application notes, and development tools for MMX technology developers
  • Advanced Multimedia and PC Communications Roadmaps for Hybrid Application Development - White Paper
  • Email subscription to insure that you have the latest information

Developer Program Options and Features

    MMX Technology Developer Kit with Private Web Site Access & Realtime Updates
    Distributed quarterly and contains abundant programming information, Intel tool and libraries, and code examples for developers writing applications that take advantage of the MMX technology instruction set. A Kit will consist of several CD-ROMs containing white papers, source code examples, applets, demos, training material and Intel libraries, some examples:

    • MMX Technology Programmer's Reference
    • VTune
    • Performance Tune Set
    • Indeo® video interactive
    • Realistic Display Mixer
    • Realistic Sound Experience

    In addition to the CDs, developers will be given access to a Private Web site, where realtime additions (new whitepapers, tools, etc.) will be posted, and communicated via streaming updates to developers.

    The cost for the Developer Kit is $395 a year - ordering code: TDX01.
    Please see requirements.
    To order, call: (800) 433-5182

    Custom Consulting Packages
    For companies needing expertise at any stage of their MMX technology software design, a staff of trained consultants are available for phone consultation, or as needed, on site assistance. For initial question & answer session, a one hour package is available for $150/fee, for indepth work, a 10 hour package is $1295. (If onsite, travel expenses will be billed later.)

    The cost for this program is $150/hour or $1295/10 hours - ordering code MMXSUPPORT1H or MMXSUPPORT10H
    Please see requirements.
    To order, call: (800) 433-5182

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