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DVD Authoring Lab

Intel's DVD Authoring Studio in Hillsboro, OR is a creative and production environment for software developers creating interactive and hybrid DVD-ROM titles optimized for Intel's MMXTM technology. The Studio is equipped with the leading-edge hardware and software tools necessary to create high-quality video and audio content, and to pre-master that content onto a DLT (Digital Linear Tape) cartridge for subsequent mastering to DVD discs.

  • DVD Authoring Services

    • Video Compression

      Real-time MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 video encoding from Digital Betacam, using a Sonic Solutions DVD Creator system. The encoding hardware can create I, B, and P frames in real time, and includes a multiple 32-tap filter, gamma correction, and color correction. The MPEG-2 encoder can create both CBR (Constant Bit Rate) and VBR (Variable Bit Rate) streams, at data rates from 1 to 30 megabits per second.

      Real-time aquisition of broadcast-quality CCIR601 uncompressed digital component video, using an Intergraph StudioZ RAX video server (scheduled for installation in September). This will allow developers to capture directly from Digital Betacam at the highest possible quality, allowing developers to edit, enhance, and compress using algorithms such as Intel's Indeo(r) video interactive.

    • Audio Compression

      Real-time compression of AC-3 stereo and 5.1-channel surround audio, using AES/EBU digital audio from either a digital 8-track recorder or from Digital Betacam stereo.

      Creation of 3D spatial audio for interactive multimedia applications using Qsound and Intel RSX software audio technologies.

    • DVD Authoring

      Content layout, editing, simulation, and verification, using Sonic Solutions DVD Scenarist authoring program. Finished data is output to DLT tape for subsequent mastering and replication at a DVD manufacturing facility. DVD-R recordable disc technology will be added to the studio when available, tentatively slated for early 1997.

For further information call 503-264-3555.

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