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The primary mission of Intel's Software Performance Products group is to deliver software development tools that enable highly optimized software for the Intel Architecture. These development tools are designed by Intel architects and performance analysts familiar with the details of each Intel processor to assist you in creating code that is optimized for specific Intel Architecture processors and architecture features. For example, our tools currently maximize optimization for processors with Intel MMX™ Technology, the Pentium® processor, and the Pentium Pro processor.

The Intel Software Performance Products currently available include the Intel Performance Library Suite, VTune, Intel's Visual Tuning Environment, and the Intel Architecture Tutorials. In addition, you can now apply for our Intel C/C++ Compiler plug-in or Intel FORTRAN Compiler Beta program. These compilers allow your software to gain superior performance on Intel Architecture processors.

  • The Intel Performance Library Suite consists of a set of programming libraries all optimized for Intel Architecture processors. The Suite currently includes the Intel Signal Processing Library, a set of signal processing functions similar to those available for most Digital Signal Processors (DSPs), the Intel Recognition Primitives Library, a set of 32-bit recognition primitives for developers of speech- and character-recognition software, the Intel Image Processing Library, a set of low-level image manipulation functions optimized for Intel Architecture processors and particularly effective at taking advantage of MMX™ technology, and the Intel Math Kernel Library, a set of linear algebra and fast Fourier transform functions for developers of scientific and engineering software.

  • VTune, Intel's Visual Tuning Environment, is designed to provide a system-wide view of your Windows* 95 or Windows NT* system. VTune also provides you with an inside view of the architecture you are developing for and suggestions for removing performance bottlenecks. Check out the VTune site now for the new VTune 2.1 release!

  • To assist you in your optimized code development, Intel's Software Performance Products group provides Intel Architecture Tutorials, multimedia online tutorials that use animations, simulations, and interactive exercises to help you learn how to improve your application's performance. From our tutorial web pages you will also find links to other Intel Architecture documentation, including Pentium processor manuals, Pentium Pro processor manuals, Intel MMX Technology manuals, and application notes.

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