Intel Signal Processing Library
Intel Recognition Primitives Library
Intel Image Processing Library
Intel Math Kernel Library

The Intel Performance Library Suite currently includes a Signal Processing Library, a Recognition Primitives Library, an Image Processing Library, and a Math Kernel Library.

Signal Processing Library 
The Intel Signal Processing Library provides a set of signal processing functions for the Intel Architecture similar to those available for most Digital Signal Processors (DSPs).

Recognition Primitives Library 
The Intel Recognition Primitives Library provides developers of speech- and character-recognition software with a set of recognition primitives optimized for the Intel Architecture.

Image Processing Library 
The Intel Image Processing Library provides a set of low-level image manipulation functions in standard DLLs and static libraries form. The functions are optimized for Intel Architecture processors and are particularly effective at taking advantage of MMX™ technology.

Math Kernel Library 
The Intel Math Kernel Library provides developers of scientific and engineering software with a set of linear algebra and fast Fourier transform functions as a static library optimized for the Intel Architecture. Version 2.0 of the library is optimized for the Pentium Pro processor.

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