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Intel Flash Data Integrator (FDI)
Developer's Kit

Product Description
With Flash Data Integrator (FDI) software from Intel, OEMs can combine the low cost of flash memory with the byte-alterability of EEPROM. Flash Data Integrator (FDI)—a free software and documentation product from Intel—enables customers to use our standard line of x8 or x16 flash memory family to execute program code and store data in a single flash device. This innovative approach to code+data storage allows lower-cost systems and flexibility in data storage size.

The FDI Developer's Kit is based on fully tested C-source code that provides the dual functions of flash memory manager and interrupt handler. Completed and tested software dramatically reduces the time-to-market for OEMs. The flash memory manager takes care of storing and updating byte data in flash memory, which, unlike EEPROM memory, is byte writable and block erasable. The flash memory manager uses software techniques to overcome this difference and allows users to alter byte level information in flash. The interrupt handler uses suspend features on Intel Flash devices to interrupt write/erase operations to return to code execution, an important function in time-critical, real world applications.

In addition, FDI has an application programmers interface consisting of EEPROM-like commands, including read, write, delete and initialize.

Flash Data Integrator works because most real-time systems have idle processing time the software uses to store data. A high-priority task can interrupt the write operation and simply begin executing code from the flash.

This software can be ported to alternative flash solutions, but is optimized and tested by Intel for the Intel FlashFile™ and Advanced Boot Block Flash memory architectures. With FDI, expensive, specialized flash circuitry to perform read while write in parallel is not required. In addition, FDI allows for variable partitioning between code and data size stored in one flash memory device.

EEPROM memory is 30 times per bit more expensive than flash memory. FDI provides the necessary link to replace EEPROM—saving cost, board space and power by using one single flash memory to store code and data.

Product Highlights
  • Royalty free software and documentation for code and data storage in a single flash device
  • Uses low-cost flash memory
  • Includes flash memory manager and interrupt handler
  • 20 µsec write/erase interrupt response time to read
  • User defined variable code and data size partitions
  • Distributed in C-source code
  • Approximately 16KB of code resident in flash memory
  • EEPROM-like API commands -Open, close, delete, get, read, write and reclaim
  • Requires 2KB of RAM in system
  • Ideal for EEPROM replacement
Store code and EEPROM data using flash
  • Save cost, space, and power over EEPROM
Supported on Intel FlashFile/Advanced Boot Block architectures
  • No added cost of specialized flash memory circuitry
Variable data and code boundary size
  • No need to change flash devices and PCB when code or data sizes change or grow
Developed, tested and debugged C-source code
  • Dramatically reduces the time-to-market for OEMs
Power-loss recovery
  • Maintains current data during partial write
  • Better cycling endurance for data
Royalty free license
  • Unlimited distribution of object on different platforms and flash suppliers

DatasheetSmart 3 Advanced Boot Block Flash Memory Family
Application Note (AP-641) Achieving Low Power with Advanced Boot Block Flash Memory
Application Note (AP-642) Designing for Upgrade to Smart 3 Advanced Boot Block Flash Memory
User's GuideFlash Data Integrator (FDI) User's Guide
Product BriefIntel Smart 3 Advanced Boot Block Flash Memory Family of 4-, 8- and 16-Mbit Devices—28F400B3, 28F800B3 and 28F160B3

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