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Tools and Service Providers
for Indeo® Video Interactive

A variety of third-party tools and services are now available for those working with Indeo® video. The following is a sampling. Contact these companies directly for details and availability.

Companies are listed alphabetically within each category.


Capture, Editing, and Compression


Adobe Premiere* 4.2 for Windows*: non-linear digital video editing software.
Adobe Premiere for Windows is a powerful digital video-editing program that enables users to easily combine video, audio, animation, still images, and graphics to create movies on the desktop for multimedia CD­ROM authoring or output to videotape. The software is used in commercial videos, corporate communication training programs, multimedia title production, and online and offline editing for the multimedia broadcast community. With the most recent version of premiere, Adobe integrates support for Indeo video interactive, enabling improved playback of digital video at higher frame rates and resolutions.

Adobe Systems, Inc.
345 Park Avenue
San Jose, CA 95110
Phone: 1­408­536­6000

Digital Video Producer*: video capture, editing, and compression software.


Users can capture the excitement of video with Asymetrix Digital Video Producer. Using Intel's revolutionary Indeo video technology, Digital Video Producer lets you quickly and easily assemble and edit audio and video clips on your desktop PC. Digital Video Producer is an easy-to-use system that adds maximum creativity to your multimedia project. With Indeo video interactive, that creativity has never looked better.

Asymetrix Corporation
110-110th Avenue N.E., Suite 700
Bellevue, WA 98004
Phone: 1­800­448­6543
Fax: 1­206­637­1504

Wakeboard*: real-time capture and compression hardware.


Digital Video Arts, Ltd.'s WakeBoard is a high performance, PCI Bus capture and compression card that allows real-time video capture and accelerated offline compression using Indeo video interactive. It offers high-quality capture from composite and S­video inputs at selectable resolutions up to 640 by 480 pixels at 60 fields per second. Files can be output directly to videotape or played back on a PC without additional hardware. The board comes bundled with Adobe Premiere 4.0, Crystal Graphics Flying Fonts Pro* 3.0, and Caligari trueSpace2*.

Digital Video Arts, Ltd.
715 Twining Road, Suite 107
Dresher, PA 19025
Phone: 1­215­576­7920

Doceo Video Filter*: filtering software.
Doceo Publishing produces Doceo Video Filter, software that filters interframe noise out of a video file, improving both image quality and compression.

Doceo Publishing, Inc.
One Meca Way
Norcross, GA 30093
Phone: 1­770­564­5545
Fax: 1­770­564­5528

MediaStudio Pro*: video capture, editing, and compression software.
Founded in 1989, Ulead Systems delivers innovative software tools for multimedia. MediaStudio Pro 2.5, a state-of-the-art video-editing suite, includes 32-bit video-editor and capture modules for unmatched performance, subpixel rendering for unrivaled video quality, and support for bidirectional predication using the Indeo video interactive codec. With MediaStudio Pro 2.5, you can easily create full-motion digital videos complete with special effects and soundtracks for presentations, kiosks, training systems, the Internet, and more.

Ulead Systems
970 West 190th Street, Suite 520
Torrance, CA 90502
Phone: 1­800­858­5323
Support: 1­310­523­9391
Fax: 1­310­523­9399
E-mail: mkt@ulead.com
CompuServe: Go Ulead
BBS: 1­310­523­9389


Video Compression Sampler*: video playback comparison software.
Doceo Publishing produces the Video Compression Sampler 3.0, the essential tool for those charged with staying on top of compression technologies. Using benchmark clips compressed to identical parameters, the sampler provides an objective comparison of a variety of video compression technologies. The Video Compression Sampler also includes a side-by-side display application to assist in codec comparison; it measures display rate and streaming bandwidth and graphically identifies data spikes that can interrupt smooth playback from a CD­ROM. The product also contains a complete library of Indeo video interactive clips illustrating scalability, bidirectional prediction, and other special features. Expanded help files describe how to optimize compressed quality for Indeo video interactive.

Doceo Publishing, Inc.
One Meca Way
Norcross, GA 30093
Phone: 1­770­564­5545
Fax: 1­770­564­5528

Multimedia Development

DeBabelizer Pro*: graphics, animation, and digital video automation software.
Equilibrium's DeBabelizer Pro (for Windows* 95 and Windows NT* 4.0) is a comprehensive automated application for anyone working with graphics, animations, and digital video in multimedia, Web, and desktop productions. With its intuitive interface, digital designers can easily perform any number of graphics processes to an unlimited number of images or frames and to any specification, create an optimized SuperPalette* for the entire selection of images, and output everything to over 90 bit-mapped file formats, all automatically!

DeBabelizer Pro includes support for capturing and creating .AVI files using Intel's Smart Video Recorder III video capture board and Indeo video interactive codec. DeBabelizer Pro has also been especially enhanced to include support for Indeo video interactive's Configurable Palette feature, allowing multimedia developers to create palettes that optimize video quality and playback performance, and avoid the "palette flashes" that can occur when palettes are shared by both video and graphics.

Three Harbor Drive, Suite 111
Sausalito, CA 94965
Phone: 1­415­332­4343
Fax: 1­415­332­4433

Video for Windows*: multimedia development software.
The Video for Windows Software Developers' Kit, available from the below ftp site, provides tools for video capture, editing, and playback applications. Developers can also purchase a level-two subscription to the Microsoft Developer's Network and receive the Microsoft Games Software Developer's Kit, which provides developers with tools for developing games that include video.

Microsoft Corp.
One Microsoft Way
Redmond, WA 98052
Phone: 1­800­759­5474 (United States)
Fax: 1­510­275­0762 (United States)
Ftp: ftp://ftp.microsoft.com/developr/drg/Multimedia/Jumpstart/VfW11e/DK


NB Digital Solutions: digital video production services.
NB Digital Solutions, a licensed Intel Video Production Service Center, provides professional digital video compression services, including Indeo video interactive compression. Using custom capture processing, frames with reduced noise enable the codec to run more efficiently at high compression ratios, yielding reduced file sizes. Experienced, skilled, and talented digital video engineers use sophisticated process management techniques, providing developers and publishers with a timely source for the best quality digital video available today at cost-effective prices. Contact NB Digital Solutions for a CD­ROM demo disk.

NB Digital Solutions
2110 Priest Bridge Drive
Crofton, MD 21114
Phone: 1­800­909­6230
Fax: 1­410­721­5726
E-mail: info@nbeng.com

Teletota: Digital video production services.
Teletota has been a leading video facility for the European market for the last twenty years. The synergy of their experience merged with Intel's Indeo video technology drove the company to enter the multimedia business in 1992. Since then, Teletota has been a licensed Intel Video Production Service Center, also providing Indeo video interactive support to its customers.

M. Bruno Boussuge
2, rue du Bac
92158 Suresnes
Phone: 33­1­40 99 50 38
Fax: 33­1­45 06 12 56

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