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Product Overview
The Pentium® Pro processor family is Intel's next generation of performance for high-end desktops, workstations and servers. The family consists of processors at 150 Mhz and higher and is easily scalable to up to four microprocessors in a multiprocessor system. The Pentium Pro processor delivers more performance than previous generation processors through an innovation called Dynamic Execution. This is the next step beyond the superscalar architecture implemented in the Pentium processor. This makes possible the advanced 3D visualization and interactive capabilities required by today's high-end commercial and technical applications and tomorrow's emerging applications. The Pentium Pro processor also includes advanced data integrity, reliability, and serviceability features for mission critical applications.

The Pentium Pro processor may contain design defects or errors known as errata. Current characterized errata are available upon request.

Key Features
  • Available at 150MHz, 166MHz, 180MHz and 200MHz core speeds
  • Binary compatible with applications running on previous members of the Intel microprocessor family
  • Optimized for 32-bit applications running on advanced 32-bit operating systems
  • Dynamic Execution microarchitecture
  • Single package includes Pentium® Pro processor CPU, cache and system bus interface
  • Scalable up to four processors and 4 GB memory
  • Separate dedicated external system bus, and dedicated internal full-speed cache bus
  • 8K/8K separate data and instruction, non-blocking, level one cache
  • Available with integrated 256 KB or 512 KB, non-blocking, level two cache on package
  • Data integrity and reliability features include ECC, Fault Analysis/Recovery, and Functional Redundancy Checking
  • Upgradable to a future OverDrive® Processor
Product Linecard

L2 Cache
L1 Instruction/Data
Cache Size
SPECint95* SPECfp95*
150 MHz 3.1V 256-Kbytes 8-Kbytes/8-Kbytes Yes 6.08 5.42
166 MHz 3.3V 512-Kbytes 8-Kbytes/8-Kbytes Yes 7.11 6.21
180 MHz 3.3V 256-Kbytes 8-Kbytes/8-Kbytes Yes 7.29 6.08
200 MHz 3.3V 256-Kbytes 8-Kbytes/8-Kbytes Yes 8.09 6.75
200 MHz 3.3V 512-Kbytes 8-Kbytes/8-Kbytes Yes n/a n/a

* Measured on Intel Alder systems.
n/a = Not available at this time.

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