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What's New in This Version

The Intel Image Processing Library 1.0 Beta 2 includes the following new features (compared to 1.0 Beta, the previous version):

  • Adobe* Photoshop* plug-in capability
  • A tool for performance measurement included with the files ipldemos.exe or ipl.exe
  • More optimization for the BLUR and CONVOLVE2D functions
  • Performance enhancements for the ROTATE function
  • Documentation enhancements, including Appendix A, "Supported Image Attributes and Modes." This appendix provides a chart of supported features by function.

In the current release, not all code is fully optimized for MMX™ technology. Approximately 50% of the performance optimization is complete. The performance data that comes with the files ipldemos.exe or ipl.exe provides the details on current optimization. For more detailed version information, see the release notes, which are installed when you download the files.

Continual performance improvements will be available in future releases. The product release with full MMX™ technology optimization is expected in the June/July timeframe.

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