Intel Series 100 Flash Memory Miniature Cards
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Intel Series 100 Flash Memory Miniature Cards

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Product Description
Intel's Series 100 Flash Memory Miniature Cards provide the ultimate in convenient, low-cost data storage for users of portable electronic systems. To meet the demanding requirements of diverse portable electronic systems, these Miniature Cards are designed as small form factor removable media and are favored for their cost-effectiveness and reliability. Ideal platforms for the Series 100 include digital still cameras, audio recorders, smart cellular phones and handheld PCs. Such applications require low-cost, consumer-friendly data storage media, as well as a convenient method to transport data to a PC for file manipulation and enhancement.

The Intel Series 100 is based on the Miniature Card specification, which is managed by the Miniature Card Implementers Forum (MCIF), an industry association of leading electronic systems and component suppliers. Intel's Series 100 Miniature Cards feature new advances in its FlashFile(TM) architecture, including SmartVoltage technology (3.3V and 5V Vpp) and enhanced suspend capabilities.

The Series 100 Miniature Cards are based on x16 linear array of Intel 28F008SC Flash memory devices that support 3.3V and 5V read/write operation and automated block erase suspend capabilities. SmartVoltage technology enables Series 100 cards to be used on a broad range of systems. Applications are enhanced by the 28F008SC Flash memory's symmetrically blocked architecture and extended MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures), which result in high field reliability. Additionally, power-down modes are supported to extend system battery life.

An elastomeric connector, consisting of alternating layers of silver and silicone, provides consumer-friendly connections. Host-based filing system software, such as Flash Translation Layer (FTL), eliminates the need for expensive card-based microcontrollers and ASICs. The Series 100 Flash Memory Miniature Cards enable the consumer to enjoy compatibility across a wide range of systems, allowing easy data exchange with MS-DOS* and Windows* 95-based PCs.

Product Highlights

  • 2- and 4-Mbyte versions —iFM002A

  • 3.3V and 5V operations (read/write) —Extends system battery life

  • High-performance reads —100 ns read access

  • Elastomeric connector technology —Low cost, consumer friendly
    —Easy insertion/removal

  • MCIF specification compliant —Broad industry adoption

  • Power management capabilities —Extends system battery life

  • Automated suspend options

  • x16 linear array —Minimal hardware overhead

  • Small form factor —33L x 38W x 3.5H mm

  • PCMCIA compatible (via adapter) —Data transportability

60 connection bus interface
  • Easy system integration
  • Low-cost implementation via elastomeric connector
  • Low-cost cards
Small form factor (38mm x 33mm x 3.5mm)
  • Card consumes minimal system area
  • Enables more card sockets per system
16-bit non-multiplexed data bus
  • High-performance data transfers
Power management capabilities
  • Extends system battery life
Voltage level keying for single and multiple voltage hosts (3.3V and 5V)
  • Broad compatibility
Hot and cold insertion/removal
  • Cards can be inserted and removed without powering down
ESD Protection
  • Higher field reliability
Write Protection
  • User-selectable write-protect switch
  • Protects important data from accidental deletion

DatasheetIntel Series 100 Flash Memory Miniature Card
Datasheet 28F008SC 8-Mbit (1 Mbyte x8) FlashFile Memory
Product BriefSeries 100 Flash Memory Miniature Card Evaluation Kit

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