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Intel Series 2+ Flash Memory Cards

Product Overview
The Intel Series 2+ Flash Memory Cards enable the design of the next generation, 3.3 volt mobile PCs, Personal Digital Assistants and Communicators. The cards are also an excellent solution for embedded systems. The Flash Memory Cards extend system battery life, are lightweight, and withstand rugged environments where small form factor rotating disks are not suitable. The cards adhere to the PC Card Standard.

Product Description
The functionality of the Series 2+ Flash Memory Cards is based on Intel's ETOX™: IV 16- and 32-Megabit FlashFile™: Memories. Each memory card consists of a PCMCIA connector, an array of 28F016SA (4-20 MB) and 28F032SA (40 MB) flash memories in TSOP packaging and two card control logic devices. The control logic devices provide the system interface and control the internal flash memories.

The Intel Series 2+ Flash Memory Card features byte-wide and word-wide operation, low power modes and a Card Information Structure (CIS) for easy identification of card characteristics. In addition, the card features several enhancements to the Intel Series 2 Flash Memory Card including higher density, faster Write performance, Write during suspended-erase, individually lockable blocks, and flexible power supply operation.

Combined with file management software, such as Flash Translation Layer (FTL), Series 2+ Flash Memory Cards provide removable high-performance disk emulation.

Product Highlights

  • Flash block electrical erase: enables high-performance disk emulation
    - 150ns Read Access and 6us Typical Word Write @ 5V
    - 250ns Read Access and 9us Typical Word Write @ 3.3V
  • 4, 8, 20 and 40 Mbyte versions of addressable flash:
    - iMC004FLSP (4 MB)
    - iMC008FLSP (8 MB)
    - iMC020FLSP (20 MB)
    - iMC040FLSP (40 MB)
  • PC Card Standard 68-pin interface
    - Type I card (3.3mm)
  • Smart power enables
    - 3.3V or 5V Vcc
    - 3.3V, 5V or 12V Vpp
  • Byte or word-wide operation
  • Automated Erase/Write algorithms with Ready/Busy signal
  • Inherent nonvolatility--no batteries required
  • 1M Erase cycles per block
  • Low power sleep mode
    - Extends system battery life
  • Independently lockable blocks
  • Erase suspend/resume

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