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Intel Value Series 100 Flash Memory Cards

Additional Flash Memory Cards
Product Overview
The Intel Value Series 100 flash memory cards offer the lowest-cost removable solid-state storage solution for code and data, as well as for high-performance disk emulation. They are ideally suited for applications in mobile PCs and dedicated embedded applications. Combined with file management software, such as FTL, it provides high-performance disk emulation for rugged environments and applications. In addition, the flash memory card is well suited for data transfer applications on both PC and embedded systems platforms.

Product Description
Manufactured with Intel's FlashFile™: memory, the Intel Value Series 100 flash memory cards take advantage of a revolutionary architecture that provides innovative capabilities, automated write/erase algorithms, reliable operation and very high speed read/write solutions for solid-state storage applications. These flash memory cards enhance applications through their symmetrically blocked architecture, extended MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) and 5-volt operation. The flash memory cards can be used as a simple x16 linear array of flash devices. The PC Card form factor offers an industry-standard pinout, removable linear flash memory and the ability to upgrade system memory and software without changing board layout.

The 2- 4- and 8-megabyte flash memory cards each contain a flash memory array consisting of two, four or eight 28F008SA (1 Mbyte) TSOP memory devices, respectively. Two 28F008SA devices in parallel provide the lower and upper bytes for a 16-bit access. The on-board charge pump consistently provides 12.0 volts to the flash array for write and erase operations in an environment where only a 5-volt supply is available.

The memory card interface supports the PC Card standard, supported by PCMCIA and JEIDA 68-pin card format. The Value Series 100 card meets all PC Card Type 1 mechanical specifications.

Now you can evaluate the Intel Flash card products with our new Flash Card Evaluation Kit. The kit gives you the tools needed to easily integrate your design's hardware and software. The kit includes an ISA PCMCIA host adapter and driver source code, both for PCMCIA software stacks and direct hardware interface.

Product Highlights
  • 2-, 4-, and 8-Mbyte versions
  • 50uA deep powerdown capability
  • 5V operation (read/write)
  • Common Intel 28F008SA command set
  • Low-cost, high-performance solution
  • PC Card industry-standard form factor
  • Fast read/write performance
  • Linear flash card technology
    Linear flash card technologyReduced hardware overhead
    2-, 4-, and 8-Mbyte addressable flash versionsFlexible sizing to match density requirements
    5V operationSingle-system supply
    Reduced system power requirements
    100ns maximum access timeFAST read performance
    10us typical word writeHigh-performance random writes
    Deep powerdown capability50uA typical
    Reduced system power requirements
    Automated write and erase algorithmsIntel 28F008SA command set
    Simplified software code requirements
    100,000 erase cycles per blockHighly reliable data and code integrity
    PC Card Type 1 form factorCompact size
    Industry-standard form factor

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