[RDX LOGO] Intel Realistic Display miXer for High Performance Graphics

Intel is pleased to present the Intel Realistic Display miXer (RDX) developer's kit. This product provides a high-level interface that helps you accelerate the development of multimedia tools, applications, and games. It allows you to focus your development energy on content creation rather than on the mechanics of interfacing with system components. Intel RDX technology is designed for Windows* 95 and uses the Microsoft DirectX* and ActiveMovie* SDKs for enhanced performance.

Intel RDX provides these features:

  • A high performance engine for fast display mixing of 2D graphics, animation, and video with 8-bit or 16-bit color
  • Scalable technology designed for the Pentium® processor and the Pentium processor with MMX™ technology
  • Support for streaming of compressed and uncompressed digital audio
  • Use of DirectDraw* and DirectSound* APIs
  • Special effects like smorph, flip, and shear

For more information, please review the Intel RDX White Paper.

New in Intel RDX 2.2:
  • DirectX 2 run-time
  • ActiveMovie run-time
  • Functions that allow the primary wave device to be shared with other non-DirectSound applications
  • Enhanced Intel RDX run-time install tools
  • Fixes for known problems in Intel RDX 2.1
For details about these new features, see the Intel RDX 2.2 Product Release Notes (available when you download Intel RDX 2.2).

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