Narrowband Sockets (NBS) is an industry specification initially developed by Intel Corporation and Nokia. Using the functions defined in this specification, software developers will be able to create wireless messaging applications for mobile PC and advanced digital cellular phone users using familiar Internet programming interfaces. The NBS specification extends the reach of the Internet to create "always-connected" mobile clients.

Narrowband Sockets defines an efficient transport service over wireless messaging networks. NBS is also network independent, so applications can use NBS to send and receive data via short messages over any network. The NBS specification provides a Windows* WinSock 2 programming interface which is well known to developers.

NBS Mailing List
Intel has established an email reflector (mailing list) for the purpose of creating an open forum for discussion and announcements pertaining to Narrowband Sockets. Mail messages sent to the email reflector are re-broadcast to all of the maillist subscribers.

You can subscribe to the NBS mailing list by sending mail to listserv@mailbag.intel.com with the message body "SUBSCRIBE NBS".

You can submit mail to this list by sending to: nbs@mailbag.intel.com

General questions can be sent to the list owner: nbs-listowner@mailbag.intel.com

Related Projects
WinSock 2 is fully compatible with the immensely popular WinSock 1.1 interface while expanding to support virtually all transport protocols (including IPX/SPX, OSI, native ATM, and now NBS) and offering quality of service capabilities for multimedia communications.

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