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Intel C/C++ Compiler Plug-in System Requirements

The Intel C/C++ Compiler plug-in requires the following hardware and software:

  • Hardware
    • Intel486™ processor-based system (Pentium® or Pentium Pro processor-based system recommended)
    • 16 megabytes RAM (32 megabytes RAM recommended)
    • 100 megabytes of hard disk space for the virtual memory paging file. Be sure to use at least the minimum amount of virtual memory recommended by Microsoft* Windows*.
  • Software
    • Microsoft Windows NT* or Windows 95
    • Microsoft Visual C++* 4.x or later. Please see Note below.
    • Microsoft Macro Assembler* (MASM) Version 6.11d is required if you want to use options that operate on or produce assembly files.
    • The Intel C/C++ Compiler is not designed to be used in the Watcom* & Borland* development environments.

      Note: There are known problems with MSVC++ 5.0 (vs. MSVC++ 4.2) which some users may experience. For specifics, please consult the release notes for this Beta. Intel expects to have all MSVC++ 5.0 issues resolved in a mid-April Beta update.

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