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Intel C/C++ Compiler Plug-in Features and Benefits

The Intel C/C++ Compiler plug-in is compatible with Microsoft* Visual C++* and can be used as a plug-in to the Microsoft Developer Studio*. Here's a summary of the compiler's features and benefits.

Feature Benefit
Supports MMX™ technology through the use of C “intrinsics.” Allows developers to use call syntax of C functions instead of manually coding in assembly language.
Supports in-line assembly language inseptions. Allows flexibility for particular performance demands.
Provides profile-guided optimizations. Allows the compiler to adjust the flow of the program to achieve optimum performance based on previous executions with the same data set.
Provides maximum floating-point instruction throughput. Allows you to completely use the floating-point stack.
Provides a “blended” code optimization switch. Allows you to generate code that provides optimal performance with any Intel Architecture processor.
Provides processor-specific optimizations. Allows you to maximize performance on a specific Intel Architecture processor.

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