82557 Fast Ethernet PCI BUS LAN Controller

The 82557 is Intel's first highly integrated 32-bit PCI LAN controller for 10 Mbps or 100 Mbps Fast Ethernet networks. The 82557 offers a high performance LAN solution while maintaining low-cost through its high-integration. It contains a 32-bit PCI Bus Master interface to fully utilize the high bandwidth available (up to 132 Mbytes per second) to masters on the PCI bus. The bus master interface can eliminate the intermediate copy step in Receive (RCV) and Transmit (XMT) frame copies, resulting in faster processing of these frames. It maintains a similar memory structure to the Intel 82596 LAN Coprocessor, however, these memory structures have been streamlined for better network operating system (NOS) interaction and improved performance.

608756 bytes

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