Interfacing a 20 MHz 8XC196 to an 82527 Serial Communications Controller

The purpose of this application note is to describe some of the hardware and software techniques for interfacing a 20 MHz 8XC196 device to the 82527 serial communications controller. This March 1995 revision (272732- 001) supersedes the January 1993 draft version, and comprehends the latest 82527 specifications included in the March 1995 datasheet (order number 272250-05). Additionally, schematic diagrams demonstrating 82527 mode 0 (8-bit multiplexed) and mode 1 (16-bit multi- plexed) interfacing techniques have been included. Though this application note targets a 20 MHz 8XC196 device, it is applicable to a 16 MHz 8XC196 with additional timing margins.

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