OEM Motherboard Distributors

Intel sells its motherboard products only to Original Equipment Manufacturers and through Intel Authorized Distributors, who provide sales and technical support.

The following Intel Authorized Distributors maintain telesales groups in North America that specialize in dealing with smaller Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Value Added Resellers (VARs):

	Ameriquest			800-255-4489
	Anthem Electronics		800-826-8436
	Arrow Electronics		800-579-6633 or 510-249-5533
	Avnet EMG 
		Avnet Computer (OEM)	800-577-1078
		Hallmark		800-884-5675 
		Hamilton Hallmark	800-778-2668 
		OSR			800-282-0040
	Gates/Arrow			800-332-2222 
	GBC/Globelle			800-745-7000 
	Globelle Canada			800-465-1616 
		Canada			800-668-3450 
		US			800-456-8000 
	Intelligent Electronics		303-486-5000 
		US and Canada		800-MERISEL 
	MicroAge			800-887-0045 
		Pioneer Firstop		800-832-4322
		Pioneer Standard	800-226-4712 or 714-247-2030 
	Synnex				800-756-9888
	Tech Data 
		Canada			800-668-5588 or 905-670-8899 
		US			800-237-8931
	Wyle/Centauri			800-289-9953 or 800-213-8179

A complete listing of Intel Authorized Distributors also is available for customers in the industrial and high-volume commercial market segments.

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