ZapCode II Electronic ROM-Code Transmission Service

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    Product Highlights

    No one else offers you software or support like this!
    Intel introduces ZapCode II software for Windows*. It provides a fast, standardized method for submission of your custom media to Intel. Now you can transmit your custom Factory Programmed ROM (FPROM) and masked ROM media electronically from anywhere in the world - 24 hours a day, any day of the week. And it takes only 5 to 15 minutes to send and confirm, depending on the speed of your modem. Plus, the call is free. Compare that to transporting and verifying on an EPROM.

    ZapCode II, while standardized, allows you to set a wide range of custom parameters such as part mark details, unit pack options, and device security features. So, you can get your custom parts into production fast.

    ZapCode II is free and easy to use.
    Everything you need to get started is available in the attached files. To ensure security you need to obtain a user I.D. and password from Intel, then you are ready to access the system by modem.

    The usage of this software as well as the right to obtain a user I.D. and password is reserved for Intel customers only. Submitting a ROM code to Intel will not automatically result in ordering a mask or start of production. A sales order will still have to be placed through the Intel sales office where applicable or through a local Distributor.

    For more information please call (602)554-8618.

    System Requirements

  • IBM AT or compatible with Intel386(TM) microprocessor or higher
  • VGA monitor
  • Hayes compatible modem, 2400 baud or higher
  • Analog telephone line
  • Windows version 3.1 or greater (For Windows95 and NT contact ROM Processing for details at (602) 554-8618)
  • Modem on Com Port 1 or 2

    Product Features

  • Standardized methodology for submitting custom ROM and FPROM media to Intel
  • Toll-free modem access, 24 hours a day, every day
  • 15 minute total from log-in to confirmation
  • Auto confirmation
  • Worldwide access
  • Windows* graphical user interface
  • On-line user manual and computer-based training
  • Data security and confidentiality after receipt by Intel

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    Download Files

    File Name/Size:
    Download From:
    Developers' Insight CD-ROM

    Description: Zipped ZapCode II software kit
    Latest Version: 1.0
    File Size: 1,663,510 bytes
    To Install:
    1. Create a ZapCode directory on your hard drive
    2. Copy ZC2KIT.EXE to the new directory
    3. Execute ZC2KIT.EXE - unzipping the installation files.
    4. Execute SETUP.EXE and follow the instructions.

    File Name/Size:
    Download From:
    Developers' Insight CD-ROM

    Description: ROM Handbook
    Latest Version: December 1995
    File Size: 1,315,020 bytes
    The ROM and ZapCode II Handbook is a user manual to help install and use ZapCode II to send ROM code electronically to Intel. The manual also briefly describes all ROM products available at Intel. We believe this manual, the device's user manual, and the ZapCode II system have the information you need to make the decision about ordering Intel ROM products.

    Request Logon

    Intel's ROM customers can request a user ID and password..

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